Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dinner Theater

I didn't plan to see Bride Wars until Trish suggested that our crew watch it together. It was fitting. We all met each other during wedding planning.
yazmin 026
During the previews, someone guffawed loudly and uncontrollably. I asked, "Who the hell is laughing so hard at this?!"

It was Wan, several seats down from me. Classic.

I sat between tater and Lilcee, who graciously tolerated my groaning and snide remarks during the film. The best part was not even actually in the movie. Some idiot in the audience very audibly gasped in total surprise at a completely obvious plot [not-so-]twist. The theater erupted in laughter at this idiot.

After 90 minutes of predictable fodder, we walked around the corner for dinner at Yazmin (27 E. Main Street, Alhambra), a Malaysian restaurant, not a birth control dispenser.
yazmin 028
yazmin 029
This was only the second time I'd ever had Malaysian cuisine. I've concluded that, while it's tasty, I still prefer the "origins" of Malaysian food more -- Chinese, Indian, and Thai food are all tastier to me in their respective purer forms.

Thai iced tea. Fine.
yazmin 036
Roti canai ($4.25). Loved this. It's somewhat naan-like and perfect with curry.
yazmin 040
yazmin 039
yazmin 042
Char kuei teow ($7.55). These Penang-style stir-fried flat rice noodles with bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken, egg, and leeks are reminiscent of pad see ew.
yazmin 044
Beef rendang ($8.95). Chunks of beef simmered with coconut and lemongrass in a rich curry sauce were perfect to ladle on top of coconut rice. I wish the beef had been a bit more tender.
yazmin 046
Pineapple fried rice ($6.95). The fried rice with pineapple, shrimp, chicken, carrots, and peas wasn't bad, but I've certainly had better.
yazmin 047
Ayam masak mango ($7.95). This chicken with garlic, ginger, onions, and chunks of fresh mango in a tamarind coconut curry sauce was an interesting mix of flavors. Spicy. Sweet. Tangy.
yazmin 049
Curry laksa ($6.75). These egg noodles with shrimp, chicken, and tofu in a light curry soup were perfect for a cool evening.
yazmin 051
Garlic kangkong ($8.95). If you are an avid reader, you already know I love ong choy (water spinach), so this was an instant winner for me.
yazmin 054
Malaysian food is colorful!
yazmin 055
I enjoyed our meal at Yazmin, and I would definitely go back for a meal if I went to a movie at the Edwards Renaissance. I'm not sure, however, if I'd make the trip for the restaurant alone. The portions are generous and the flavors strong, but the place won't knock your socks off.

But, hey, it all came out to just $12 per person, including tax and tip.

R came with her hair straightened tonight, and this was the first time I saw Amber with her new haircut. Don't they look particularly cute?
yazmin 056
And...the goof pic.
yazmin 057
Fun night.


  1. So sad to have missed it.


  2. lovely recap. and i completely agree re: yazmin.

    whoa. the last photo is flipped.

    'twas fun!

  3. Bummed you guys weren't "Engaged at Yazmin."

  4. looks like fun! crappy movie and so-so food excluded.

  5. the food looks amazing

    La C.

  6. At our local Malaysian restaurant they serve a "yam pot." It's a basket made out of crispy yam on the outside, soft on the inside. (I think it's deep fried.) It's filled with chicken, shrimp, cashews, veggies, and a yummy sauce. If you ever see it, you should order it!

  7. I've been to Yazmin and felt the same way about the food.

    Love the hair dos on the ladies!

  8. your blog better WATCH IT! hahaha i wish I could have watched the movie with you, you would've lost so much respect for me cos I cracked up so many times during it :)

    but let the record show I totally knew where the plot was going with the 'controlling' fiance!

  9. the roti and water spinach were my favorites, although it was all tasty enough.

    such a fun evening with you gals!

  10. Fun times! Love the hair on all ya'll. :)

  11. Bride Wars, huh? Sorry friend.

    The food *looks* really good, despite the apparent mediocrity.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Sitting next to you was such a crack up.

    My fave is still the roti.

    "I love leftovers."

  13. I think my favorite was the kangkong. And the roti. I'm no expert and it was all new to me so take it with a grain of salt. :)

    I laughed at the movie for several reasons. C' have to admit it was entertaining for what it was--a totally obvious and completely step-by-step predictable makes me feel like I could write a movie and make a ton of money kind of flic. ;) And the company was awesome. :)

  14. The food looks A-OK to me! I love the last 2 shots, especially the last one. The hair and Trish's gangster pose are too much. Good times!


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