Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Granddaddy of Them All

On New Year's Day, we used this.
rose bowl 030
Mr. Nittany, Brother Monkey, Mr. Monkey, and I parked on the Brookside Golf Course at around 10 a.m., ate some breakfast sandwiches, and walked up the cart path to the Rose Bowl stadium. On our way, we met the enemy Diabolinas.
rose bowl 005
And this, folks, is why you should avoid having pictures taken of you after slathering on sunblock while wearing a gigantic white jersey.

We crossed a bridge and passed souvenir stands
rose bowl 006rose bowl 009
Saw more signs of getting closer to the Bowl.
rose bowl 013rose bowl 015
rose bowl 019
We hung out under a nice cool shady tent with free food for awhile.
rose bowl 022
rose bowl 031
rose bowl 023
rose bowl 028
rose bowl 025rose bowl 027
Most people there were Nittany Lions.
rose bowl 029
But we sat with the nicest Trojans. The parents came all the way from Denver!
rose bowl 032
After getting our freebie fill, we headed to the stadium.
rose bowl 035
rose bowl 037
rose bowl 041
It was a beautiful day. Where else can you have this weather on January 1?
rose bowl 054
rose bowl 065
rose bowl 046
We sat really close to the Penn State locker room entrance.
rose bowl 067
rose bowl 052
rose bowl 059
Mr. Diabolina dodged a bullet with the Trojan win. We made a bet with the Diabolinas wherein losers have to wear what winners tell them to wear to dinner.
rose bowl 072
Please cross your fingers that we are not *too* humiliated by the Diabolinas' picks.

More fans.
rose bowl 171
rose bowl 213
Pre-game festivities.
rose bowl 083
rose bowl 089
rose bowl 116
rose bowl 099
A B-2 Spirit stealth bomber flew over the stadium.
rose bowl 107
rose bowl 111
rose bowl 113
Some Nittany Lion unity.
rose bowl 118
And they're off!
rose bowl 121
Tons of game photos.
rose bowl 137
rose bowl 133
rose bowl 135
rose bowl 140
rose bowl 145
rose bowl 152
rose bowl 159
rose bowl 161
rose bowl 162
rose bowl 175
rose bowl 188
rose bowl 189
rose bowl 196
rose bowl 197
rose bowl 200
rose bowl 202
rose bowl 205
rose bowl 207
rose bowl 209
rose bowl 210
Then it was officially over.
rose bowl 214
rose bowl 215
rose bowl 218
rose bowl 219
So sad. USC takes it every year. It's nothing special to them. I think it would've meant so much more to Penn State fans.

Oh well.

The better team won, but at least the Nittany Lions never stopped fighting.

Believe it or not, I have even more photos here. Enjoy.


  1. random comment...i'm not biased by my love for the Monkeys, but Penn State's uniforms have always been my favorite of all college teams. so classic. i agree...the win would have meant more for PS, but USC played great. it was a good game. i enjoyed it, and i'm a sooner :-). did broMo go there as well?

  2. My husband is seriously jealous of your tickets, especially the location of your seats.

  3. We were rooting for Penn State too. Darn Trojans. :-( I can't wait to see the results of the bet!

  4. Nice photos! I loved all of them, thanks for posting!

  5. i must say, while i absolutely loved all of your rose bowl pics, i thought donna martin was totally going to show up at one point!! beverly hills, usc!

  6. Ugh...I soooooo dislike USC. I love the Rosebowl though! Glad it's our home field! Glad you had a good time too. The trojans are having their time, it wasn't too long ago when UCLA was the dominate team in SOCAL. It's bound to turn around again sometime.

  7. seriously perfect weather for the game.

    my fave photo is the cheerleaders' hair flying. whee.

    yay trojans. i guess.

  8. I have nothing nice to say but: At least the weather was nice.

  9. tater beat me to it - i loved the cheerleaders' pic. ha!

    but i DON'T love SC. bleh.

  10. I, too, cannot wait to see the outfits the diabolina's will make you sport.

  11. I got your comment on my blog about taking photos in dark restaurants. I think the lens makes the biggest different - I use my 50mm f/1.8 to take all my food photos - the difference between the 3.5 - 5.6 aperture on the kit lens and 1.8 on that one doesn't seem like it would be huge, but it does make it a LOT easier to get good shots without a lot of light. The Canon lens was $80 - I think Nikon has a similar lens. There is also a 50mm f/1.4 that is a few hundred bucks that is built better if you care about things like that :) Mine has been fine for a year and doesn't show any signs of breaking.

    I try to keep my ISO at 400 to avoid too much "noise" in the photo, but if it's really dark, sometimes ISO 800 is necessary to get a sharp photo. With my 50mm lens, I can usually handhold and get a clear shot at 1/10 shutter speed or so. I keep my camera on "continuous" shooting mode and take a few pics in a row so that hopefully one of them turns out clear. I have gotten a lot better at bracing myself and holding my breath so that I don't shake the camera.

    So I guess in summary... my tips are:
    -get the 50mm f/1.8 or f/1.4 lens if you don't already have it
    -use ISO 400 or 800 if it's really dark, even ISO 1600 is better than not getting the shot at all
    -keep the camera on Av mode on the smallest possible aperture (f/1.8 on the 50, f/3.5 on kit lens)
    -take a few shots in a row on "continuous" mode so that one is hopefully clear

    I hope that helps!

  12. best part of my day: the after party, me drunk, pete carroll shirtless. yum.

  13. Love the photos! I'm jealous of your tickets! We saw the stealth bomber fly over as we were walking to the Rose Parade. Truly amazing!

    Happy New Year!

  14. hi lady! honestly - your pictures are so amazing!!! you really have such talent! what a fun way to bring in the new year :) xo

  15. I can barely catch up with all of your activities! So very awesome.

  16. Boooo! I would have loved to see Penn State win. I love the sunblock+white top shot. Lol.

  17. Thank you for this. I am completely unbiased and uninterested and had no idea who actually won until I read this post. And I am from Penn State Fan Land.

  18. Amazing photos. I love how you made the cheerleaders look like retards.

  19. My favorite was your PSA about sunblock and white shirts. I read that just as I was wondering why you and Mr Mo didn't look like your usual selves. It's like you can foresee my questions and answer them before I even have to ask.

  20. I don't know your connection to Penn State, but being from Big Ten country, I'm always pulling for the Big 10 (even if it's Michigan or OSU playing).

    I also love the cheerleader pic. I couldn't get over how freakin' lame they were (at least what was shown on TV they looked incredibly lame)!

    Also agree with PP that I too was hoping Donna Martin would make an appearance.

    Fabulous photos and how awesome to experience the Rose Bowl.

  21. Your pics are awesome! Your seats were great, I feel as if I was there.

    As a PSU grad, it was sad to see them lose.

  22. Love the Song Girls pic! And I'll just add that winning is always special. It never gets old, especially when their record was atrocious when I went there. Every win, especially with the enthusiasm and classy leadership of Pete Carroll, is wonderful and every loss heartbreaking.

    The Nicest Trojan :)

  23. Hubbs loves the the white sweaters the Trojan cheerleaders wear. Other than that, he has no interest in either team that played. I'm sure we would have loved to have had tickets like that no matter who was playing though. Nice! And a perfect day for football.

  24. i was so sad 'sc won. again. ugh.

    we heard the bomber at our house and i ran outside just in time to see it pass overhead. so dang cool!


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