Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rose Bowl Reflection

Heartbreaking loss today at the Rose Bowl. Mr. Monkey is dejected.
rose bowl 011
But at least I took a lot of pictures.

Can you see us in BroMo's aviators?

Full pictorial coming soon....


  1. good to see bromo is still in his no smiling phase.

  2. But he's not! He smiles all the time! See, e.g., Our Christmas Dinner at Tahoe Galbi!

  3. Love the photo!

    As fellow Big Ten fans, it was a sad day for Big Ten football. If Wisconsin played in the Rose Bowl rather than Penn State, I don't know if Tim could have gotten out of bed today, he'd be so depressed.

  4. Effin Trojans. My only solace is that they weren't playing on Jan 8. This football year was crappity crap.
    Signed, WolverineGrrl

  5. Bro Mo looks pretty hot with his shades!

  6. ugh, i was so rooting for Penn State. i really wanted to see JoePa win the Rose Bowl.

  7. nice photo. go trojans [throwing up fob sign].

  8. I hate USC. Like shirts sold at UCLA....
    "My 2 favorite teams, UCLA and whoever is playing USC."
    Can't wait for your recap!

  9. Heartbreaking? I think not...Pac-10 went 5-0 in bowl games (including Arizona...woohoo!!). Awesome year. And next year a Pac-10 team will be back in the Rose Bowl for the national championship game. USC?? :)

  10. I love this photo. So freakin' awesome.

    I tried doing a similar photo to get the reflection of the Capitol yesterday but my husband would not cooperate. Hmph.

  11. he can't take it personally. we are JUST THAT GOOD. three years and counting.

    suck it, trojan haters!

  12. Hee hee. I picked out you and Mr. Monkey before I even looked at the grown on Bro Mo's face. :)


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