Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clipped By Hawks

Some of you might wonder, "How do the Monkeys go to so many games?" We are a lucky pair. Because we live so close to the Staples Center, friends often invite us to events or give us tickets they cannot use. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. AJ, we had prime seating and great company for the Clippers-Hawks game Wednesday night.
clippers 029
Yes, that's Row 1, people!

Compare that to where we sit on our own dime -- right below those way-up-high Laker banners.
clippers 024
Row 1 isn't actually the first row at basketball games. It's the first row right behind the edge of the hockey rink, but it's the fourth row at Lakers and Clippers games. But, hey, fourth row!
clippers 023
Here's Marcus Camby warming up. I've liked him since his UMass days.
clippers 025clippers 026
clippers 027
Here's my warm-up -- a French dip and kettle chips.
clippers 022
I spotted some quasi-celebs. Ok, more like obscure TV personalities. It was a Clipper game after all, not a Laker game.

Sal Masekela of The Daily 10 on E! You can see his dreads courtside in my pics.
clippers 042
Ben Lyons, also of E!, is possibly the most hated film critic in America.
clippers 039
Steve Schirripa of The Sopranos walked by too fast for my little camera.
clippers 041
Behold! Laker Girl rejects!
clippers 034
This was the halftime "entertainment."
clippers 040
And, of course, there was basketball.
clippers 031Align Center
clippers 032
clippers 033
clippers 037
clippers 043
clippers 044
clippers 046
If you couldn't guess by the post title, the Clippers lost. Badly.

But our seats sure kicked ass.


  1. best sporting event you've ever posted!! but that doesn't mean a lot coming from lil ole me because you know i'm such a tv personality fame whore!

    btw.. thanks for reminding me how hella lame my christmas present is for gus- we're going to the celtics on Monday in the balcony seats! ;) look out for us on ESPN with your binoculars!

  2. I am laughing at the Laker Girl Rejects, because they aren't even together in your shot.

  3. I'll take 4th row, those seats still looked awesome.

    and that's some crazy half-time entertainment.

  4. i too am a fan of marcus camby ever since his UMass days...still a fan even after all that shit come out about him getting showered with money and prostitutes while still in college.

  5. my husband would leave me for tickets like that. awesome, awesome, awesome.

  6. those are some awesome seats. I was there for the Houston Rockets vs. Clippers game w/ nosebleed seats. It was quite entertaining to see Yao Ming run.

  7. Yowsers for the price of those tickets! And that girl with the bow and arrow freaks me out. How do you even come up with an idea like that?

  8. okay that is so cool you got to sit so close. and man those clippers, they just can't get their stuff together, oy.

  9. I actually wouldn't mind going to a game one time if I had seats like that. Actually, I think I'd probably still get bored, unless it was a celeb-filled game. This was a mindless/useless comment. I'll stop now.

  10. awesome faux cirque de soleil halftime show, dude.

  11. very nice seats! very nice.

    sal masekala is a surprisingly good tv host. he hosts stuff on random guy channels and extreme sports competitions that the bear watches. even if his photo is in the dictionary next to "oreo."

  12. Thats awesome! I watch the Daily 10, and yes~ I love Ben Lyons :)

  13. Why does food always look so good when you take a photo of it? That sandwich can't possible have tasted as good as it looks!

  14. Sometimes I get sad about my job situation...then I read your blog and you show me that I could have a job as a bow and arrow foot shooter and I feel better. :)


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