Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Girls at a Sausagefest

For months now, tater and I have been wanting to try Wurstküche.
wurstkuche 024
And, for months now, we've both been calling it Worst Coochie and snickering about it every time. tater even came up with the greatest post title before we even went there -- "Worst Coochie, Best Sausage," which we improved together to "Worst Coochie, Best Wiener." I am disappointed I did not come up with this genius labeling first. Such a clever potato.

If you're not at least smirking, you should probably stop reading now.

Let's be frank. Wieners are fabulous. There's nothing like having a big boy burst in your mouth. Look at these luscious links.
wurstkuche 019
wurstkuche 021
wurstkuche 023
It's a tiny place. Great for couples or take-out. Not good for groups.
wurstkuche 018
wurstkuche 017
As promised, I brought tater an array of watches.
wurstkuche 001
wurstkuche 004
If you don't know why, don't worry. If you do know why, I hope you're amused.

Our non-alcoholic wiener pairings.
wurstkuche 003
Many suitable beers are available, too. Go ahead. Whet your appetite.

Wurstküche offers three categories of wursts: classics ($6.00), gourmet ($6.75), and exotics ($7.75). It shouldn't surprise you that we shared two exotics -- the duck and bacon with jalapeño and the rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeño.
wurstkuche 007
wurstkuche 013
wurstkuche 014
We opted for caramelized onions and hot peppers as our two complimentary toppings. Then we squirted on the mustard. Lots of different mustard. Mmm.
wurstkuche 005
We also noshed on Belgian double-dipped fries with two sauces ($5.50). I couldn't tell they were double-dipped. They tasted like regular fries to me.
wurstkuche 009
The bleu cheese, walnut, and bacon kicked the curry ketchup's ass.
wurstkuche 012
Here is tater before cannibalizing fried taters.
wurstkuche 010
The verdict? Both wieners were thick, plump, and succulent. Both had a good bite to them. But tater and I liked the rattlesnake and rabbit more than the duck and bacon.

Even though I love weenies, I just couldn't stuff more than one into myself.

Hold on. I need to laugh.

Ok. I'm ok now.

While I ordered a dog for Mr. Monkey, tater kindly packaged some mustard.
wurstkuche 015
I brought Mr. Monkey an alligator and hickory smoked pork andouille. I had one bite. It wasn't as good and juicy as the ones tater and I shared. It was also too salty. So sad for Mr. Monkey.

But at least tater and I had fun eating sausage tonight.


  1. o. m. g. clever title. clever puns. much better photos. i need a new camera.

    such fun!

  2. funnnn!! i cracked up reading this entry. everything -- from the watches to the wursts -- was fab. ;-)

  3. I think wiener is still one of my most favorite words. And I can't believe you and the watches, oh boy.

  4. How fun!! I would have paid to watch you flash your watches inside your coat.

  5. as i was reading this post, so many "that's what she said!"s popped in my mind.

  6. I love me some sausage. I also love sausage puns :)

  7. I snickered and snorted through the whole post.


    I want to eat wieners now. Yum.

  8. [giggling] you said wieners!

    "Thick, plump, and succulent. Both had a good bite to them."


    "Even though I love weenies, I just couldn't stuff more than one into myself."


  9. This place totally reminds me of the wurst stands in Vienna! But indoors. Although the seating is similar.

  10. Yum and fun! Love the watches and the risque little jokes. One weiner woman indeed.

  11. soooooooo funny. and dirty. i'm giggling like a little girl.

  12. Tell me about it! I love it when a big boy bursts in my mouth, too. So refreshing. And filling. It's like a party in my mouth!

  13. LOL - "I love it when a big boy bursts in my mouth".

    As I read this post I giggled like a little school girl.

    I love eating weiners too, but I'm not too fond of salty weiners ;)

    I'm sorry I had to say that!!

  14. Is it possible to read this post without giggling? Loved the double-ententres and other sillies. Can't wait to eat a wiener too!

  15. Bwahahahahah.

    Those fries look fabulous.

  16. Dude, I'm twelve. I laughed my ass off at this whole entry.

    <3 sausage <3

  17. OMG. OMG. OMG. I already loved you but this pretty much put it into eternal flames. Please put this on the list of restaurants we will hit up when I finally come to Cali.

  18. I am big wiener fan so I have added this to my list.

  19. I am terribly amused. You are so gangster with your trench.

  20. i would have been amused whether i knew the watch story or not.

  21. i'mma try this join tonight w/ a friend ... any coffee shops close by for good conversation?

  22. weemo, you are too much- this is awesome. i'm trying babita on monday.

  23. I can't resist commenting on a double entendre post about weiners. hahaha...the whole thing was hilarious, esp. the watch-in-the-jacket picture.

  24. Josh! So sorry I could not comment earlier. Groundwork is right there, and Urth Cafe is pretty close, but I think both close rather early.

    Your best bet may be to drive to Little Tokyo and see if there are any gems.

  25. no worries ... i didn't realize that there was the back area with plenty of space to chill ... great find wm, thanks for the tip!

  26. Mmmmmmm... Those sound and look amazing!!!! I too want a big boy to burst in my mouth.

  27. I thought it was Worst Kush but your version is way better.

    I've been wanting to try that place.

    Heehee @ peddling your wares. Awesome foto.

  28. I snickered every time. But I'm sure you knew this. :)


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