Monday, January 19, 2009

Hella Fun

Thanks to BPLJ and his sister-in-law, we got to eat here recently.
hells kitchen 001
I took all these photos in secret. I was literally slinking around, hoping no one would see. I also sneaked some shots from our car while driving away. The show is very strict about its "no camera" policy, both inside and outside the set.
hells kitchen 004
This is the outside of the patio where contestants sit and vent and/or smoke.
hells kitchen 009
Here's my faux night-vision shot.
hells kitchen 011
Due to the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, I can't reveal any details about the outcome of the show, but I'll tell you what we ate.

(1) Pan-fried scallops with bacon and watercress.
(2) King crab capellini.

(1) Pork chop stuffed with ricotta and mushrooms topped with roasted asparagus.
(2) Grilled halibut with vegetables.

(1) Tomato, burrata cheese, and balsamic.
(2) Sauteed broccolini.

(1) Raspberry-lemon torte with pistachio ice cream.
(2) Panna cotta with quince and honey granita.

Mr. Monkey and I were one of a handful of tables that actually got full dinner service, including dessert. Three tables near us only got their starters. Lucky us!

We had food prepared by the Blue Team. It was decent with some hits and misses. Both starters were great. Both entrees were weak -- the pork chop was tough and dry, and the halibut was bland. Both sides were delicious. The torte was only ok, but the pistachio ice cream was fantastic. The panna cotta was out-of-this-world and clearly the best dish of the night.

I doubt we'll make it on the air, as the camera only shot us twice, but at least we got a three-course meal for free and had the pleasure of witnessing Gordon Ramsay drop a ton of F-bombs and scream, "Shut it down!"


  1. eee! such fun! and so appropriate that BPLJ has the hook-up, given his alias.

  2. jealous, jealous, and jealous!

    I heart Gordon, although I do hate his American shows. I'd still eat at HK any day of the week if I had the chance.

    I hate how they ruined "Kitchen Nightmares" when they brought it to the U.S.

    Nice shots, BTW!

  3. I like the faux night-vision shot.

  4. I have no clue what happened with my comment that i was in the process of writing! but to recap, thats awesome! I've only started watching all of GR's shows and I can't imagine being in the same room as him! Must have been exciting as hell[s kitchen] mwhahaha

  5. Very cool! What a neat opportunity!

  6. OHMIGAWD!!!!

    Hubby ad I have wanted to go there for soooo freaking long! I am oozing with jealousy!

  7. I am so jealous. I love this show and I always envy the people who get to go in and eat. Lucky that you got full service too.

  8. My norcal heart is so happy to see the use of the word "hella". :-)

    You'll give us a friendly reminder the week your ep airs, right?

  9. That's awesome! Glad you actually got fed.

  10. So jealous! Do you know which week you'll be on? I'll watch out for you :)

  11. O...M...G. So totally jealous. Emailing this post to Fiance asap.

  12. you have the AWESOMEST (so not a word i know) friends in the world. i cannot wait to see this episode & i will fondly think of my favorite monkey. :-)

  13. okay that is so cool. so jealous.

  14. I don't know when the episode will air, but the Blue Team had four team members and the Red Team five team members during our taping.

    So...whenever that is. :)

  15. Whoaaaa!! This night out was perfect for you. Let us know when the episode airs.

  16. Gorgeous shots. How'd you get so good at sneaking around? Did the CIA plant a hidden camera in your shoe?

  17. P.S. Did you projectile vomit all over the place like we rehearsed?

  18. you don't even understand how jealous i am. i <3 ramsay so dang much. hope you guys make it on the show. :)

  19. Ohhh, Josh would be SO jealous! He loooves GR!


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