Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Love

We threw a baby shower for Curly Fries today. Curly Fries is my oldest dearest female friend at my current firm ("oldest" as in "known me the longest," as opposed to "oldest" as in "rode dinosaurs"). She was one of my bridesmaids, and I love her to pieces. She is having a baby boy in October! Whee!

I had gone to another shower for Curly Fries earlier this month, but we needed some work love, too! Perfecta and I went to the Ralphs Fresh Fare at lunch to get some last-minute morsels and mylar.

Labor Girl supplied some super duper fancy cheese and crackers.

Here are the cookies, brownie bites, and veggies we got from Ralphs.

Some decorations:

But the true pièce de résistance of the shower (aside from Curly Fries, of course) was the Sprinkles cupcakes (chocolate almond, dark chocolate, and red velvet), which Talksa picked up for us. Here they are before...

...and after we arranged them on Perfecta's tiered plates.

Curly Fries had fun opening gifts.

Aside from these individual gifts, we presented Curly Fries with a group gift of a $450 babystyle gift card. Pretty sweet. My fave, though, was this li'l guy!

After the shower, we had some fun while cleaning up.

Later that day (unrelated to the shower, obviously), I heard a loud explosion. I looked outside my window and saw a car that exploded on the freeway! Flames raged, and black smoke swirled all around.

Definitely an interesting twist to the day. I hope the people in that car got out before it exploded.


  1. so fun! looks like the mommy-to-be had a great time :-) and OMG about that car -- crazy!

  2. Holy crazy smoking car!

    Also, I really want Sprinkles now. Le sigh.

  3. That's an awesome shower your CWs threw. I bananas the sock monkey and your boob-cakes.

  4. With all the shower's you're going to, I can understand how you don't want kids anytime ever! BTW thanks for posting the pic from your window. Now I know exactly where you work which makes stalking you so much easier!

    I'll be seeing you (but you won't be seeing me)

  5. you've been busy with baby showers lately eh??

    love the the sprinkles cupcakes and that they can double as pasties =)

  6. Nice shower! And whoa about that car! YIKES!

  7. those tatas are wrong and you know it!

  8. perfecta is an adorable pregnant lady! looks like quite a fun shower. ditto kate and kay - you've been a rather regular baby shower attendee lately. heh.

    and yet again, i crave cupcakes. damn.

  9. dammit. i meant CURLY FRIES is an adorable pregnant lady. damn you and your cupcake boobies, i got distracted.

  10. I think you secretly love babies! You take the best might be time to start up monkeyphotography ya know?

  11. Those cupckakes look sooo yummy!

    Crazy about the burning car.. I hope whoever it was got out of there ok...

    You guys did a great job pulling that shower together!

  12. You sure do participate in lots of parties! I want to be you, but only so I can have cupcakes. Oh okay, so I'd like your sense of style too. :P

    I was linked to those videos through

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, yo!

  13. Cupcakes look awesome. That car explosion...not so much. I hope they got out too.


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