Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tater Ties the Knot: The Teaser

Tater got married today! The word of the day was "details." You could tell that our favorite spud put careful thought into every little detail. Just wonderful.

My pics are taking FOREVER to load, and I'm beat, so this is what you get for now.

Fear not! There will be a real pictorial recap soon, not unlike the one I did for Trish's wedding. I had an extra day to upload, organize, and tweak for that one. Patience, people!


  1. As long as you don't tease me and then walk away I can wait. ;) Cute dress you wore, BTW.

  2. the tater looked amazing and was smiling the whole day. We all looked hot!

  3. tater looked so pretty! and you table 13 had some real hotties too ;-)

  4. tater looked fabulous, as did the group of knotties in attendance!


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