Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stand-Up in the Courtroom

My co-worker Talksa had a fun experience in court this morning. Her judge bitched her out for not having filed her ex parte papers in a timely manner. (Unlike L.A. Superior, OC requires that you file the day before.) You may be wondering, "How is being bitched out fun?" Well, that's not where the story ends.

You see, Talksa did file on time.

At least, she thought she did, as our messenger service told her that they filed her papers on time.

When the judge questioned Talksa about the tardy papers, she informed him that the messenger service said the papers were filed in a timely manner and in the correct place, i.e., not just at the filing window but in the actual department, so that the judge could receive them in chambers.

At this point, the judge told Talksa to grab her pen and take notes. "Ms. Talksa, the next time you speak with your messenger service, please tell them LLPOF." Then the judge proceeded to discuss a number of other issues. Talksa diligently took notes, but she was confused the entire time by "LLPOF." She had never heard of this acronym before.

Finally, the judge said, "Oh, LLPOF means 'Liar, liar, pants on fire.'" And then he called the next matter.


  1. Ahh yes, LLPOF, the standard set forth in Kripkowski v. Wisconsin. I do believe there is an entire chapter in the California Rules of Civil Procedure devoted to this concept.

  2. Hehehehehe that's really funny :)

  3. Are you serious!?? That seems like a very illegal thing for a judge to say!

  4. That's hilarious! Did he spell out L-L-P-O-F or did he say "LLPOF"? The first option would be so jr. high.

  5. HA! I will definitely be using that LLPOF saying sometime very soon. Very soon.

  6. i LOVE that judge. seriously, that's just awesome.


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