Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Office

Sadly, I am referencing my office and not the show on NBC. Back in June, Nanette posted photos of her workspace and invited readers to do the same. Now that I have a phone that takes decent pictures, I can finally play without having to bring a real camera to work. As always, you may click to enlarge.

This is basically what you see when you first walk in -- that is, if you are looking at me and not out the second window, which you will see in another picture below. Note the abundance of candy on my desk, none of which I actually eat myself. Yes, that is a Hello Kitty calendar in the background. It is still on July. Damn.

Here is your view if you are sitting in one of my guest chairs. What's that styrofoam cup on my desk, you ask? It is my tip cup, courtesy of BPLJ. (See? I told you he is the source of much amusement at work!) People leave me change and sometimes even dollar bills. I then use the money to buy the aforementioned candy. The last time my friend Talksa counted, there was $9.65 in there.

This is the Diploma/Box corner. Not much to say here.

Behold the Slanted Wall and Photo Corner. My office is rather oddly shaped, to say the least. I actually have three windows because there is this little sliver of a window in between my two big windows.

Photo Corner. Those are empty bottles of the soda we gave out as favors at our wedding. The model Mini Cooper was a gift from Mr. Monkey after we decided not to buy a real one. The clear abstract thing is an "award" I won at a firm retreat. It is definitely an "award" and not an award. The leafless branches in a pot are the remnants of a dead orchid. The weird-looking brown head with dried grass "hair" is a dessicated poor man's chia head.

Piles and piles of work. I am a notorious book hoarder. When people can't find a book in our library, they come to my office.

Workspace. More work. Hello Kitty mousepad. Paul Frank coasters. I use coasters in my office, so sue me. Oh, wait. I will sue you first.

Three paintings on The Slanted Wall. I got them for $2 each on a roadside in China. I got the two paintings in the Diploma/Box corner there, too. These are known as "peasant paintings" and were oh-so-beautifully framed by yours truly with $9 frames with built-in matting from Costco.

Here's my view from my desk when the door is shut. That's my hideous $5 poncho from Ecuador that I bought during the Monkeys' trip to the Galapagos Islands. It's my official "the office is too damn cold" attire. Ugly Betty, eat your heart out.

Check out the book I used today while drafting an answer to a complaint. I wonder how many jokes the author endured back in the Wayne's World days.


  1. The only thing you're missing is the Dwight Bobblehead!

  2. I snickered at Schwing. Hee hee. Thanks for the glimpse into your every day. :) Maybe one day I'll finally do my office too.

  3. Great all of the pf&hk stuff. Can I paint "Guadalajara" on your poncho please?

  4. Nice! I was just gonna call you out on your HK calendar month, but you caught it. ;)

  5. hahaha so funny! I wuv your office :)

    And the poncho? It's so the next hot fashion accessory.

  6. aww, a mini cooper. i still have high hopes of owning one someday.

    maybe i can drive the new mini-me around in it, in a mistakenly-forward-facing car seat with her head dangling in a precarious position.



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