Thursday, August 2, 2007

Magnolia Chic

I had dinner with Trish, California Girl, and springchic tonight at Magnolia. Of course, I just saw Trish at her wedding last weekend. I hadn't seen California Girl for months. And this was my first time meeting springchic in real life -- before I'd only drooled at her wedding photos (some of the best of 2007) and chatted with her a bit online. Sometimes mixing up different personalities works really well, and tonight was one of those nights!

On Sunset near Vine, Magnolia was a fun central location with good food and drink. I enjoyed a ginger cosmopolitan, which had a nice spicy bite. My grilled steak salad (spinach, watercress, grilled onions, tomatoes, bacon-horseradish dressing) was very good. In my former fatty life, I would've wanted to eat two of these salads, but Magnolia's portion was ideal for my new on-my-way-to-being-less-fatty self.

We had a good time talking about everything from Stay Puft Marshmallow Grooms to allergies to flaky videographer [former] friends to exercise boot camp faintings. It was a chill and relaxed evening peppered with hearty laughter. I'm not sure if that even makes sense, but that's how it was. 'Twas a lovely evening.

After dinner, while we waited for our cars, we asked the valet to snap a photo for us with my phone. California Girl was seriously cracking me up with her "Spanish." The valet does not have a future career in photography.

Trish had her camera, so I asked the valet to try a "camera real." I don't have the photo, but, by the looks of the camera view screen, even using a "camera real" didn't help things much. I did, however, take this cute pic of California Girl with my phone. As always, adorable! See? Total user error by the stupid valet!

I tested again at home, just to make sure it was the valet and not the phone.

Yup. That's the skirt from Anthropologie.


  1. I look WIPED out in that pic! Too many laughs, apparently!

    So much fun hanging out with you all... Where's Trish's pic?

  2. Maybe the valet was being "artsy". Meh.

    Um, too many things to laugh at in this post. Too.many.

  3. Dang, give me time peeps! I still have to upload!!

    Fun times were had by all. Must do it again :)

  4. Hey woman you are looking GREAT! Think I could get the # to that valet guy maybe he could be my 2nd shooter *LOL*.

  5. Sounds like you ladies had lots of fun!

  6. hey, at least the valet didn't "close at 10".


  7. sounds like a blast, glad you all had fun! Lookin' good too monkey ;)

  8. Magnolia sounds great! I totally also drooled over springchic's wedding photographs on the Knot! Sounds like you guys had fun!


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