Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy [Several] Hour[s]

Work is a bitch, but at least most of my co-workers are not. We had happy hour today at the Figueroa Hotel in honor of BPLJ's and T-West's birthdays. Delightful!

T-West is one of the sweetest, smartest, hardest-working people I know. She is incredibly thoughtful and kind, and I am so honored to be her friend. I aspire to be as caring as she is.

BPLJ is one of my favorite people, period. We have been friends for over seven years, and he makes me laugh on a daily basis. Without BPLJ, practicing law would be so very dreary.

Here are the birthday kids with shot and beer in hand!

More documentation of the festivities....

Props to the very cool partner (I will call him "Da Man") for buying us shots early on. Da Man is da man with numerous clients for whom both T-West and BPLJ handle matters, so it was great that Da Man came to celebrate with us after having been all the way in San Diego earlier. Also special thanks to Cracker Barrel Puzzle King ("CBPK") for joining us, despite having gotten only a couple of hours of sleep the past several days. Da Man and CBPK are like T-West's work family, so I know it meant a lot to T-West that both came to happy hour.

This is not to say everybody else was chopped liver, of course. You know I'm glad you all came.

Latecomers were not photographed. My iPhone is cool, but it cannot take good photos in the dark. Sorry about (or congratulations on) not making the blog. We definitely need to do these happy hours more often, birthdays or not. It was nice to unwind and laugh, and now we all know about a certain person's sexual escapades in the ocean with a hot Armenian girl.

You had to be there.


  1. hotel fig. ah, the memories.

    looks like a good time! no b-pics, though, eh?

  2. hehe, good times with the colleagues always make work a brighter place to be!

  3. fun stuff! on another note, I can really see your face slimming in the pic of you and BPLJ, rock on!

  4. How fun! I miss going to a party and just it's all old people power walking

  5. Didn't know Boston Legal was being shot in Cali :)


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