Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

And nobody puts Wan in a corner. Mama was front and center today. Ok, really at the head of a long table, but same difference.

Today we had a cute little shower for Wan. Who are "we"? "We" are a group of girls who met online while planning our weddings who have bonded through shared vendors, frustrations, and addictions to all things nuptial-related. We started out as a handful and have burgeoned into a big bunch.

And when this bunch gets together, laughter rings throughout the city.

Kinara Spa was laugh central today. It's not just a spa and skin care clinic; it's a great little garden cafe, too. In fact, co-founder Christine Splichal is married to none other than Joachim Splichal, the man behind the Patina Restaurant Group. Good taste and good food run in the family.

The shower took place in a serene garden behind the spa -- an unexpected little wooded refuge on Robertson in West Hollywood.

What an adorable set-up! Props to Amber for her cute invitations!

We mingled a bit and all signed the cute pink Kolo album, complete with Polaroid pictures taken by tater...and her fabulous wedding shoes!

Then it was time to dine on a light brunch, beginning with an organic green salad flanked by five small tartines and culminating with fresh fruit and cookies. As the girls around me can attest, I didn't eat the cookies. Good monkey!

Everybody enjoyed the food and had a rockin' good time.

Kudos to R, who was the mastermind behind the games. Be sure to check out her recap, complete with action shots! (I was too busy participating!) Lilcee may actually have the best photos of all, as they were taken by a professional!

We all chipped in for a group gift, which was shipped directly to Wan's house, but there was a little something extra for her to open at the shower.

I'm really glad I skipped the cookies (although I'm told they were excellent), so I could eat one of Nanette's homemade cupcakes with slightly less guilt. riccimp and I shared ours, so we could sample both the cherry cheesecake cupcake and lemon chiffon cupcake with frosty lemon glaze. So good!

And what would a shower be without favors? Mrs. Shorty Cake made the most awesome favor bags in the world. Guess which one was made especially for me? The frown -- oh em gee! Too perfect for words. I heart it so! Don't miss Wan's take to see a classic photo of frowny Monkey with frowny monkey bag!

There were tasty J-treats and...butt paste inside the favor bags. Butt paste?! I think I must be on the outside of an inside joke. Right? Right?

Congratulations on the imminent arrival of Mini Wan, and thank you so much, Lilcee and riccimp, for organizing and decorating! Fabulous teamwork, all!


  1. awesome recap! now we can all just link to yours.

    i <3 your photos so.

    as always, it was a pleasure seeing you ladies!

  2. I <3 the pictures! The recap was fabulous :) Had a great time and it was so great to see everyone.

  3. Let me triple the recap kudos! I, too, will just link to yours.


  4. Wanna be creeped out? Go read my newest blog post on what I did today.

  5. woot!! Awesome recap...prolly gonna link it too, or at least steal a couple of photos! Ha!
    (It was definitely fun dishin' the messy cheese:)

  6. Love love love the sad baby monkey bag... LOL.. so awesome..

    I agree the recap was awesome...

  7. best. afternoon. ever.

    i can't think about it too much, or i'll start to tear up.

  8. Sounds like an awesome afternoon for the mommy-to-be! I didn't realize that you all met online while planning your weddings! The Internet is amazing!

  9. Awwww! I am so sad I missed the big event, but it looks like it was a blast!

  10. you rule at the recaps, seriously! i'll be linking to yours too :-)

  11. (even drawing babies on our heads)

  12. wow...what a beautiful shower. I love the totes, so personalized and cute...where can i get one of those??

  13. such a great recap! what a lovely shower! I was also on the Knot when I was planning my wedding but was only a lurker. That's so great that you all still keep in touch!


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