Monday, August 6, 2007

Potato + Bear = Red Aqua Goodness

As you know from yesterday's teaser, dapotato and her bear tied the knot on Sunday. It was a beautiful, spiritual, and heartfelt ceremony, followed by lots of laughs, fun, and outrageous dancing afterward.

Tater's wedding will surely become the new posterchild for all things red and soft aqua. From the parking sign to the guestbook to the cake to the favors, everything was perfectly color-coordinated. The wedding was modern and chic while simultaneously being delightful and whimsical.

Click to enlarge, if you please.

The essentials to this lovely wedding...
Venue: The Clarke Estate, Santa Fe Springs
Coordinator: Angel Swanson of Events of Love and Splendor
Photography: Michael Norwood (but I took the above pics)
Flowers: City of Commerce Flowers
Cake: Sarah Witt of For the Love of Sugar
Hair+Makeup: Natalie Buketov
Gown: Ulla-Maija, "Danielle"

As I did with my recap of Trish's wedding, I end with a pic of some girls who have been the source of much laughter and support for the past year or so. Thanks for inviting us, Potato and Bear! May you have a lifetime of happiness together!


  1. I love that the mother of pearl hair clips, like the South, always rise again! Thank goodness we didn't take the yellow one ...

  2. beautiful pics! you are becoming quite the second shooter, m'dear :-)

  3. Good eye, CR! Yup, those are indeed my lovely mother of pearl hair ornaments in tater's hair -- something borrowed. :)

    I'm like 21st shooter. Winnie was 20th. Hee!

  4. yeah, my first attempt at a comment had a typo and i couldn't stand it.

    fabulous photos, fabulous wedding, fabulous everything! i heart the monkey in the tree - quite reminiscent of monkey in a cage ;)

  5. wow did you take all those pics yourself? Those wedding colors rocked too! Who would've thunk?

  6. Yup. I took all of them, except for the ones with me in them -- those were taken by my buddy Lilcee or a friendly wedding guest. :)

  7. It's almost like being there! (BTW, did you save your top tier? If so, take it out of the freezer Thursday and move it to the fridge. Sunday, before dinner take it out of the fridge and let it sit in room temperature until you're ready to eat it)

  8. We didn't save it b/c our baker makes us a new anniversary cake for free!

  9. Wow, what an exquisite wedding! I love love love the aqua and red colors!

  10. oh wow - everythimg looked so gorgeous - SO GORGEOUS!! I am officially im love with the teal amd red combo after seeimg these photos. Comgrats Tater! Thamks for sharimg the photos wemo!


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