Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beat. Again.

I'm not sleeping enough. I had a deposition Monday morning. I met the client at 8 a.m. in Century City to do final prep. This morning, I had a marketing event at 7 a.m. in Westwood. Of course, I didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. both nights before. So. Very. Tired. Fucking insomnia. It will be the death of me.

It was so nice to have lunch today at Tiara Cafe with my fellow lawyer (but not co-worker) friend. It is rare that someone understands exactly what you're experiencing but is not embroiled in the specific shit that surrounds you. This is an especially beautiful friendship on days when certain co-workers drive me nuts. There are just some things that only another lawyer litigator female litigator childless female litigator will get. Thank you, friend, for listening and making me laugh. You are the best.

Personal apologies to Bad Pork-Loving Jew ("BPLJ"), who told me today that he misses my daily blogging. The fact you said this gave me warm fuzzies, so thanks.

But, BPLJ, I am still not in the least impressed by that kid. Smart? Yes. Talented? Yes. Prodigy? Not even close.

So, in honor of BPLJ, readers, please leave me a comment stating (1) whether you think this kid is a prodigy, and (2) whether you have any classical music training (and, if so, how many years and what instrument(s)). Then BPLJ and I can test our theory. Well, my theory.

[I can't seem to find a functional clip from The Tonight Show. If you do, let me know!]


  1. I think he's a prodigy, especially if he's teaching himself by ear instead of reading music.

    I don't know if I'm "classically" trained, but I studied music quite a bit from elementary school through college - nearly 10 years and on more than half a dozen instruments. Piano isn't one of them, though.

  2. If there is no music being read and he hasn't been practicing from the womb I'd be more inclined to lean towards prodigy, but I think of prodigy more along the lines of Mozart writing symphonies by this age. He ain't got shit on Mozart. ;)

    No classical training whatsoever. :)

  3. oh, my tired baby-hater friend - the kid's 6 and taught himself from the age of 3. i gotta give him some props.

    although the cd changer in my car currently contains ditties from n*sync, the spice girls, and the dixie chicks. what the hell do i know?

  4. I don't think he's a prodigy. He's just a smart kid who can memorize things quickly in my opinion.

    But what do I know . . . I took piano lessons for 14 years and still sucked at playing.

  5. Insomnia sounds like it would suck! At least you have blogging in the middle of the night, right? Seriously, that kid is totally talented...this coming from someone who can't really sing on key or even play chopsticks.

  6. The little munchkin can play..

    I played the flute in elementary school, until my mom went to my concert and realized I was lipsinc'ing (or whatever the word for pretending to play the flute is). She could tell b/c there were only 2 flutists, and when it came to our part of the song, the girl basically had a solo. Mom was NOT too happy about that.. but she did take me out for ice cream afterwords.

  7. Aw, friend. I had a great time at lunch, too! I really appreciate you listening to my bitching, as well. We need to do it again soon!


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