Friday, August 3, 2007

Rollercoaster of Weight

In January, I was the heaviest ever in my life -- a whopping 168 pounds. I weighed more than my nearly fully pregnant co-worker. I weighed more than Mr. Monkey.


In February, I started exercising, i.e., riding my elliptical whenever I watched TV. By April, I was down to about 160.

Then, for whatever reason, I ballooned back to 164 by the time June rolled around. It's like I'm 1980s Oprah or something -- up and down, up and down.

I wasn't always fat. I blame work.
After restricting my diet for just the past 17 days (the specially fashioned "No White Rice, No White Bread, No White Pasta, No Fried Foods Diet"), I now weigh 158. That's a six-pound loss in a mere two weeks or so and 10 pounds down since January. Diane was instrumental in implementing my food intake modification, and she checks up on me now and then, which is very helpful.

My other e-friends have been cheering me on, too. We often do a Monday check-in whereby each of us recounts the previous week's eating and exercising activities. In the past, I hadn't taken it seriously, but, now that I'm making progress, I might consider joining in. Maybe.

My immediate goal is to get back to my wedding weight, which was 145. If ambition catches up to me, I may even shoot for my law school weight of 125.

I'm not completely crazy, though. I know there's no chance in hell I'll ever get back to the 118 listed on my driver's license!


  1. dude, does anyone EVER weigh what they say on their driver's license? ha!

    but yay for the weight loss! you're doing such a great job - and it'll be nice to see you jump into the monday check-ins :)

  2. You're doing great! And with Diane as your coach, you're in good shape.

  3. Dude, aim high! You're doing great! Seriously, I'm beaming with pride (and I ain't even Diane!!)

  4. You can do it! You are now my inspiration. I'm copying your modified diet.

  5. Wow, that's impressive! Congrats! I've heard Oprah rave about the results from cutting out all the white stuff. I'll have to try it...since we've been married, I've definitely put on some pounds. Keep sharing and inspiring! :)

  6. Serious kudos to you and your progress! Please check in, it'll help keep me motivated. It's already started to. :)

  7. As Coolio says, ya gotta get up to get down.

    Ok, that probably didn't make sense. :P

    Keep up the good work!


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