Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Real Working Mom

I'm doing a quick blog from work, while I wait for Mr. Monkey to pick me up. It's 11:45 p.m. ARGH. While I was extraordinarily frustrated with certain things today, one of my co-workers really inspired me.

Rhodes is the single mother of twin 13-year-olds, and, like me, she is a full-time attorney at a busy law firm. (And, if you're wondering, Rhodes is indeed a Rhodes scholar.) She came in earlier than I did this morning and left around 5:30. Rhodes went home, made dinner for her boys, and then came back around 8:30 to resume working. She's still here, too. In fact, it was her extensive experience with electronic discovery that got me really going on my motion tonight. Even though it was late, she took the time to explain a few things to me. Rhodes really is quite awesome.

Now this, my friends, is a true working mother -- someone who genuinely cares about her obligations at the office and her little ones at home. I am amazed every day by Rhodes' juggling. She is a phenomenal lawyer and a super mom. Tonight was not out-of-the-ordinary for Rhodes. She keeps this schedule rather regularly.

If you're going to be a working mom full-time lawyer mom (i.e., not mommy-tracked and doomed never to make partner), I'm sorry to report that this is how it must be done. Anything less will shortchange your work, your mothering, or even both.

It's nights like these that make me wonder if Monkey the Baby Hater could ever be like Rhodes. At this point, I can only admire what she does and shake my head.


  1. sounds like rhodes is a true inspiration. hope today is a better day for ya.

  2. That is pretty impressive.

    And I am also impressed by the fact that you were still at work at 11:45 pm. I can't even remember the last time I stayed awake that late. ;)

  3. A true inspiration. Kudos to Rhodes for having two of the hardest jobs in the world and managing them with balance and class. *cheers to Rhodes*

  4. And when those kids are older they will be so proud of their mom for all the hard work she's put in for them.

    Applause for Rhodes.

  5. rhodes rocks the house.

    and she's a great example for her kids, who are lucky to have her, as are you!

  6. wow. that's dedication. i wonder though if she does have something that suffers to be so dedicated to it all. i really liked this entry because i had a ton of thoughts about it, quite awhile after i read it. mostly about how with the rise of feminism women were told that they could have it "all" and have consequently been disappointed to find out that "all" was not what they thought it would be, that they felt like they fell short, or that it was a lot more time-consuming than they expected. not that women were misled--or were stupid about it--it's just been interesting to see how it's played out. and hey, some moms even said "i thought i wanted a career, but i want kids". as i approach the marrying thing... it has made me think a lot about such issues. so thanks. super relevant and interesting for me. sorry for the length!

  7. Wow! She's sounds incredible! I can't imagine having to work that many hours AND have 2 kids at home all by myself! It's cool you get to work along side people like that!

  8. Something suffers, believe me.

  9. Wow. That's real dedication to both her work and family.


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