Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Baller Suite

Yes, it deserves a blog entry of its own. Apparently, when you're invited to play in a baccarat tournament...

...staying with the plebeians (i.e., Mr. Monkey and yours truly) in the "regular" part of the Wynn is just not good enough. Enter the vaunted Tower Suites.

Oh, Tower Suites, you are so lavish! Oh, how I love thee! Oh, how I wish that we could just live here! We actually ran into Steve Wynn himself (and his two small dogs -- they looked like a long-haired dachsund and a grayish poofy poodle-like dog) when we left the Tower Suites earlier today to pick up Mr. Monkey's brother, sister-in-law, and niece from the airport. Steve was tan and smiling. He entered the doors, as we exited. Mr. Monkey remarked, "That is the richest guy I've ever seen that close in person, but those sure were some wimpy dogs." I am sad that my iPhone was not poised and ready to capture this encounter.

Mr. Monkey's dad's suite is the definition of living large. Literally. The place has more square footage than our condo and overlooks the many hotel pools. Mr. Monkey's brother, sister-in-law, and niece are staying in the adjoining room of the suite. These pictures don't really show just how enormous this place was.

Little Monkey Niece was mesmerized by the pool view. I was mesmerized by the mirrored paneled ceiling in the living room.

This is not to say that our own "normal" room in the regular resort tower is chopped liver. Truth be told, it's pretty much the same as my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's room in the Tower Suites. Our room is fairly luxurious and spacious in its own right and has perks, too, such as switch-powered curtains and a flat-panel TV in the bathroom for tub-viewing pleasure. We overlook the golf course and part of the strip.

A few observations:
(1) The Tower Suites have chocolate brown walls, whereas the regular resort rooms are decked in orange.
(2) The Tower Suites have higher ceilings.
(3) The Tower Suites have more bathroom freebies and in larger sizes, as well as a boatload of free beverages and snacks.
(4) The Tower Suites' living areas are decorated with Picasso prints, whereas the regular resort rooms only have Warhol prints.
(5) The Tower Suites have a private entrance, private valet, and a restaurant within its confines.

Notwithstanding these differences, we're still very very happy in our free "regular" room, which kicks our own master bedroom's ass. After romping about most of the day, I've been relaxing and enjoying the awesome room for a little over an hour now. Soon, it'll be time to get ready for our show tonight....


  1. i like how they provide a zojirushi-like hot water pot. the fob side of me always has this urge to buy instant ramen noodles and subsist on those during vacations if there is a readily available source of hot water.

    so nice. must get to vegas again soon.

  2. Las Vegas suites are so over the top and lavish!! We once stayed in a suite, only because they thought we were the other "Robert Tucker". They realized we were the wrong "RT" at like 5am when the real "RT" checked in with his fancy high roller card and there wasn't a suite awaiting him. It was good while it lasted...Enjoy!!!

  3. So. Jealous. I still have not set foot inside the Wynn.

    -- the Loser

  4. Ballah!

    When I grow up I want to be a Monkey. ;)

  5. Ditto! I wanna be a Monkey too!

    Damn, that's the closest I'll ever get to those towers I'm sure...


  6. If I close my eyes and read it aloud, (well first of all I can't really read with my eyes closed, but other than that) I can pretend I'm there!

  7. so jealous! I've never stayed at the Wynn. But it looks amazing!!!

  8. Now that's the way you stay in Vegas. This is a luxury I will probably never know, but I feel like I've touched the hem of it's robe by reading your write up and seeing your pictures. :)

  9. goodness. MAJOR baller suite. jealousE.


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