Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Date With Kate

My blogger friend Kate, who lives behind the Orange Curtain, was in our neck of the woods today (Old Town Pasadena, to be exact) to have dinner with her college friends, so we hung out together for a few hours this afternoon. Who knew window shopping could be so fun?

Since pinkberry has yet to infiltrate Kate's neighborhood (shocking!), we grabbed some yogurt (green tea + kiwi for Kate and original + strawberries + blueberries + mochi for me), and we hit the streets to gawk at people and wares. I resisted the urge to document our adventure for all of maybe two blocks (not one photo in H&M, although I really should've captured a few choice outfits).

Then I whipped out my trusty iPhone at Urban Outfitters. Nothing's funnier than Jesus humor, at least to us. For those of you who don't have a magnifying glass handy, the shirt says, "Jesus loves you. It's just that he's not 'in love' with you."

Shopping with Kate is educational. At Sur La Table, I learned about the tagine, a type of pot with a conical cover used in Moroccan cooking. The tagine may be used for braising meat and vegetables on a stovetop. Cool!

Sur La Table was a goldmine of the bizarre. Don't know how to use chopsticks? Buy these instruments. They have a little ring-like hole on one stick for your finger to stabilize your mysterious Asian utensils.

Want a cake in the shape of a castle? How about a stadium?

We both thought this mango slicer was sort of dirty looking, especially the demonstrative photo.

Kate bought a silicone zone tortilla warmer. It was orange! Whee!

After patiently waiting (these three people hovered for the looooooongest time), we sampled some java from a Nespresso machine. Post-coffee, we went out to stroll along the sidewalks again. We encountered some interesting live window "mannequins" demonstrating pilates moves.

Then we visited the Apple store to play with the new nano fatty. Pictures online don't do it justice. While I prefer the sleekness of the last generation, these new nano fatties were far cuter in person than in photos. I'd thought they looked stupid and bulky before, but they are quite nice -- compact and thin, although Kate and I both questioned whether they would fit comfortably in a pocket. I guess they aren't really fatties after all.

Since some weirdo Eurotrash peeps kept insisting on handling three nanos at once, we went to play with the biggest monitor we could find. Some of you may find the content on our respective screens amusing.

In honor of Kate and her cooking posts, here's a recipe for fun:
(1) Locate largest monitor possible at Apple store.
(2) Find unflattering photo of friend online.
(3) Set image as desktop picture.
(4) Leave Apple store.
(5) Cackle at thought of random customers wondering, "Who the hell is this girl holding a keyboard on this humongous monitor?"

We left the Apple store snorting and went to The Container Store to satisfy Kate's love for organization and to search for a suitable vessel to house mass quantities of dog food that could prevent ants from reaching said dog food. We found a few candidates, but we were more intrigued by these interesting boxes. Kate suggested that we buy them for a certain somebody whose Boston Terrier ate her underwear because they were lying on the floor. (Hint: This certain somebody has already been featured in this post.)

We were also amused by these little suckers. "Whoa! Where'd my sandwich go? I don't see it anywhere!" This gives a whole new meaning to "stealth submarine."

In contrast, you can be an open book with this see-through mesh lunch box. As Kate explained, it's perfect for airport security. Just wave it around and say, "See? It's just lunch!"

Finally, we capped off the afternoon with a trip to Barnes & Noble. We browsed some travel guides, cookbooks, career books, and -- of course -- wedding magazines. Kate came up with a great array of new possible careers for me, including fire spotter and haystacker (or something like that).

What a great time! Thanks for the laughs, Kate! I wish we lived closer to each other, so we could form our awesome Container Store band. Pop, pop, boing, boing, shh, shh. "Shh" is the sound rice makes when being poured.


  1. OMG, I cackled at D's picture on the widescreen...she is sooo gonna kill you guys. Can't wait to read her comment, yay!

  2. *mouth drop* D is gonna freak! Glad you two had fun!

  3. - love the pic of our n-challenged friend. so much so that the hubs thinks i've gone batty with the way i'm cackling.

    - fatty still looks fatty in your pics. even in the one with a water bottle for scale.

    - is tangine spelled incorrectly? that's how i've always seen it. google time.

    - we use container store dog food bins (with wheels!) to store our three different types of rice. i <3 container store.

  4. I love Jesus humor too. And God humor. Especially this jewel: "God was my co-pilot, but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him."

  5. errr...I'm ashamed to admit, but I recently bought the stadium cake mold for S's b-day...

  6. Jesus' Boston Terrier ate his panties? Not cool! ;)

  7. SUCH good times. Yesterday was seriously one of those days I laughed for hours. Totally made my LA trip worth it. Thanks for babysitting me!

  8. How FUM!! I cam't say I'm mot jealous. I'm om the floor!! THe flooooor I tell you! Well, I WAS umtil I got to the part about leavimg umflatterimg pictures om computer screems. At that poimt a little part of me died imside....

  9. Hahaha!! I'm still laughing at the desktop photo you left on the computer! Too bad you couldn't use your "paint" skillz to leave a caption as well.

    Glad you had fun, and see...the fatty ipods ARE cute! Told'ja~ HA!

  10. I'm seriously DEAD over that picture of Diane as wallpaper. Dead, I tell you!! Hilario.

    I wish I was there. I like Jesus humor, too. [pouts]

  11. Son of a...that pic of D was hilarious. Jesus humor makes me laugh, but you probably already knew that. Glad you guys had fun!

  12. Sounds like a fun day shopping! That's hysterical about your friend's pic on the widescreen!

  13. Setting dorky pics of friends as desktops on the big screen is awesome. I'm definitely going to do that next time I'm at the Apple store. And why was ur friend holding a keyboard???

  14. OMG I got the worst laughing attack ever at D's picture on the monitor.. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol on the mango cuter. LOL LOL LOL!

  15. I love this. The dirty mango slicer was a scandal and the thought D's mug plastered all over some Apple store makes me abosolutely giddy.

  16. [whispering] um, i might actually invest in those panty boxes. hehehe.

    glad you two had such a great time!


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