Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good Work Is Rewarded With...More Work

Remember my good day? The day when I won two motions? I am beginning to rue that day now. It seems the powers that be think I have the magic touch because of that day. The worst thing about doing a good job is that you get fed more work. A lot of work. Work up to your eyeballs.

Meanwhile, other co-workers who consistently leave at 4 p.m. and dare claim to be "too busy" to help you write motions (as you slave away alone until midnight) continue their blissful carefree existence, tainted only by their possibly likely fraudulent billing tendencies.

These are my companions tonight: computer + dinner.

Behold the remains of my edible cohort, a mango tandoori chicken pizza on whole wheat dough from CPK. I hate CPK. Ok, I don't actually hate CPK's food (although it's only about a 3.8 on a scale of 1 to 10), but I do hate what CPK means to me. In my world, CPK = work = no evening laughs with Mr. Monkey + no TV + no toying on the Internet = unhappy Monkey.

At least I don't eat like a porker anymore. Back in the day, I would've eaten an entire pizza and a cup of tortilla soup. This little piggy knows when to stop now. Oink.

Talksa is here, too. Of course she is. Good people get dumped on. Poor Talksa is doing the work of three people, while certain other co-workers who lament that 5:30 p.m. is "late" are doing the work of...well, one-quarter of a person and are still getting paid the same as we late-night schmucks are. Suckers are we. Hmph.

If someone asks you to wash the dishes, and you break a dish, you probably won't get asked to wash the dishes again.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just break a dish.

But somehow I think the ramifications of breaking a dish at my job would be different.

Practicing law is not analogous to washing dishes. Too bad.


  1. What? Another late, thankless night? I REALLY hope the powers that be, and your CWs, realize what they have in you.

  2. You are a "Dependable Debbie." I used to be her, until I realized that doing really good work really quickly meant more time for "the man" to dump even more work on me. Sad, really.

    I also hope "the man" realzies soon what they have in you and you are rewarded with something other than more work.

  3. Yeah the problem with breaking dishes in the law profession is that it makes if very difficult to get another job washing dishes ;-) Keep plugging away, karma will catch up to the slackers - maybe later than sooner, but it will.

  4. very sucky. I'm sorry! But your dinner looks yummy on this end!

  5. Didn't miss any tv. All the new shows start next week :)

  6. oy vey. This is really not right. Other people leave at 5pm and you're stuck there? What would happen if you left at 6? Seriously? Just do it.

  7. The corporate world is unfair. I still think you need to "change horses" I'm just sayin...

  8. Ditto Kim. Except I'm still her.

  9. Can I kick someone in the vajayjay for you?

    *pulling on my steeltoe boots*

  10. UGH! I am always in your position. Um...not writing motions, but you know what I mean. I'm always the good, diligent dish washer.

    Hang in there.

  11. that sucks :(

    jim also hates CPK. for similar reasons of course.


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