Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Fond Farewell to Me

How lucky am I to have such great friends? Very very very lucky! A sweet group of cohorts treated me to lunch today at City Grill, which is walking distance from our office.

BPLJ noted, "Do you know how loved you are? You have tri-floor appeal! Not many people can say that, you know." And he was right. Our lunch bunch did indeed include friends from all three floors of our firm. Awwww. I love these peeps! And I really do feel loved!

City Grill is a far cry from fine dining, but I always enjoy my meals there. It is decent, reliable American food for a fair price in a comfortable setting. You can get a satisfying burger, sandwich, or salad for $14.00 to $17.00. Of note at City Grill, however, is the buffet. For $17.50, you can enjoy salads, soups, a carving station, cheese, breads, and desserts.

While I usually opt for the buffet, I decided to get a grilled chicken sandwich with jack cheese today. Lasagna Man ordered a swordfish sandwich on focaccia. Talksa got a cheeseburger. All of our entrees were accompanied by fries and fruit. Pescado got his usual Monte Cristo and drank his jam through a straw. I would explain...if I could.

I didn't photograph everybody else's meals, but this was pretty representative, aside from the buffet offerings, which BPLJ and Perfecta sampled. Afterward, a few of us got coffee. Believe it or not, Pescado and Talksa actually got the same size coffee. Pescado is just that ginormous. Har har har.

We had fun laughing about The Miz's latest typo in an e-mail, the literal meaning of which BPLJ vividly reenacted, much to everyone's amusement. We recounted old war stories. We talked about former co-workers. Good times.

Our server wasn't the best photographer, even after several tries. Bah!

Poor T-West got cut in half in the group pic, so we took another one of just us.

Thank you so much for lunch, guys! You are the best co-workers a girl could ever have! Special thanks to Perfecta for organizing!


  1. Sounds like a great lunch!!! It's obvious you will be missed.

  2. i am sad that pescado is not blond in these photos.

    yay for cw love! you are quite the lovable monkey, after all.

  3. congrats on finishing another chapter in your work's to greener pastures on the other side. ;)

  4. Jelly through a straw a la Garth in Wayne's World?

    Sounds like a great time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. You are one helleva popular monkey :) Yay for great friendships!

  6. Aw, that is very sweet! Sounds like you have made some great friends.

  7. Aww. You are loved!

    I almost gagged at the thought of sucking jam through a straw. And then I saw the pic. *gag*

    Then the coffee cup made me smile and it was all good. :)


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