Monday, November 19, 2007

Quack Quack Quack

That's the sound a lame duck makes, and that lame duck would be me!

I had a lovely can of Taiwanese iced coffee this morning, perfectly sweetened with real sugar and just 154 calories, which is paltry compared to a Starbucks or Coffee Bean drink. My favorite part of the coffee, though, is its name.

My secretary was particularly amused, as he often calls me "Boss Lady." Hee!

It's a funny thing, hanging around work when you know you'll be leaving in just a few days. People react in different ways. I'm still finishing up a number of things for Rhodes, who is operating more or less in a business-as-usual fashion. Pescado can't even bear to come into my office because he finds its bareness "depressing." BPLJ asked for a trinket to remember me by today (we decided he should take his infamous tip cup back). And Perfecta keeps getting rather sentimental (read: pouty-faced and slightly red-eyed) every time I see her. It almost makes me want to hug her and say, "I'm not dying! I'm just leaving!"

Like old times, I had lunch with B-Dawg and Pescado. B-Dawg had an appellate argument downtown today, so he was in the neighborhood. As much as I love many of my co-workers, it was really nice to have lunch with just the two of them. We hadn't done that in a long time.

Perfecta is planning a big lunch for me on Wednesday. I must say that I'm blessed to have such awesome friends at work. Good people like this -- who are lawyers, no less -- don't really come around that often. If I'm even half as lucky in the friends department as I have been at this firm, I'll be happy at my new job. It's the people I'm going to miss the most. [sniffle]

Non-sequitur: Did anybody else watch Heroes tonight? Whoa!!!


  1. I hear ya! I'll be sad to leave some of the people in my office, but not the job itself.

  2. it's really somethin' how much good friends at the job can make almost anything crappy about the position bearable.

    notice i said "almost". :P

  3. First, a big fat WHOA! for Heroes tonight. :) Second, Starbucks has a drink under 154 calories. Third, I wish you could pack up your pals and take them in a box to your new job. Then you could place them around your office like picture frames and enjoy them like you do now. :)

  4. Yay for wonderful co-worker-friends! I'm sure you'll see them again after you leave this place :)

  5. i like your coasters :)
    Yay for almost being done!

  6. i just saw those coasters online and just KNEW you'd already have them.

    i dig random asian iced coffee in a can.

    and yay for your sweet CWs!


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