Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Burberry Twins and Burger Trio

Fall is here for real now! Brr! (Well, by Los Angeles standards anyway.) I donned my signature pink quilted Burberry jacket this morning and braved the newly brisk weather. (Why "signature"? This is the jacket I was wearing when I got mugged, and it's the kind of jacket people remember.)

Whaddaya know? My pal Perfecta also has good taste! Burberry Twins, activate!
I had a nice lunch with BPLJ, Bootcamper, Cheeks, and our former co-worker Mansmell, but, aside from that, work was fairly uneventful today.

After work, I headed to Venice to meet Nanette and Trisha for dinner at 3 Square Café (a fun casual eatery that offers the Röckenwagner bakery line) on Abbot Kinney. What a cute little place! With cute little food! Loved it! It was the perfect place for us to catch up with each other. As always, we had a lovely time, and I really enjoyed having such great dinner companions, since Mr. Monkey is still out of town.

Nanette had a butter lettuce salad and little shrimp grilled cheese sandwiches.

Trish had a pretzel burger with fries.

And I had the coolest thing ever -- an tiny burger trio! This consisted of beef on a pretzel roll, salmon on brioche, and turkey on brioche.

But wait! There's more! Take the tiny burgers off the tiny pedestals to reveal tiny pickled vegetables and a tiny pool of ketchup! My meal was enjoyable for just the tiny cuteness alone! See the three squares?

After my tiny burger trio, I ordered the hottest cobbler ever with ice cream.

Trish and Nanette opted for tea.

It was good simple food for a good simple evening. So great to see you two! I'm so glad we could get together on such short notice!


  1. The mini-burgers are so darn cute! So jealous.

  2. all the food looks good, but that burger trio is adorable. glad you ladies had a fun dinner last night :)

  3. oh, i almost forgot, so jealousE of your jacket :(

  4. aw man! you mean to tell me you had to eat that cobbler alone? I would'a helped. Damn-cobbler-sounds-delish!

    [mental note for futre baking]

    Oh. Did I mention that those burgers looked good? and on pretzel bread.

  5. I never thought I could want a burger so much at 8:20 in the morning. Yum.

  6. Thanks for the great time, gals! I'm glad everything turned out ok. I was a little worried by the empty restaurant when we arrived, but was happy to see it full when we left.

  7. Dude, I'm loving your pink jacket! And I have no clue what a pretzel burger is. A pretzel on a bun, maybe? A meat patty with a pretzel bun? Just pretzels with some vegetables? Please tell me, inquiring minds want to know.

  8. I would have loved the burger trio! I heart cobbler too, but peach for me please. :)

  9. wow..it is a cute place and great pics of the cute food too!!

  10. The mini burgers are adorable!

  11. those burgers look SO yummy!
    CUTE jacket! You have great taste!
    (I have that jacket in black:)

  12. wow, all the food looks incredible! I love the cold weather - really just for the fun jackets :) And your pink quilted Burberry - LOVE IT!

  13. omg i want BOTH of those jackets! asdjasfdjkdfsa

  14. ah, i have missed the pink burberry jacket!

    and, wow. maybe we should GTG at the burger joint. maybe i'll actually make it this time.


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