Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Gyu Can Eat

Saturday was such a big food day. In celebration of Mr. Monkey's father's birthday, we went to Gyu-Kaku in Pasadena. (The original plan was to go Parkway Grill, but that plan got foiled. Boo.)

In all honesty, I wasn't so jazzed about the choice because, while the food is good, I didn't want to smell like charred meat all day, especially since we had an exciting dinner date later. Surprisingly, though, we emerged smelling relatively un-meaty, thanks to fairly good ventilation, high ceilings, and few patrons in our section.

After perusing the menu, we decided to go for it. We chose the All-Gyu-Can-Eat. Really, with a name like that, how could Gyu go wrong?

Well, apparently, Gyu could go really really wrong. Gyu see, All-Gyu-Can-Eat comes with a ton of restrictions. Among other things, the deal only lasts for 90 minutes (starting from when you receive your first dish), and Gyu will be charged a penalty for uneaten food.

[Gyu think this is annoying? Mr. Monkey and I were talking like this all afternoon. I shit Gyu not. It seemed very funny at the time. Gyu just had to be there.]

Notwithstanding all the fine print associated with All-Gyu-Can-Eat, we had a great time grilling everything you could imagine -- vegetables, all sorts of different steak, pork, chicken, shrimp, ahi tuna, and butterfish. Foods not meant to be charred were wrapped in foil and essentially steamed inside these pockets.

Then there was dessert -- black sesame ice cream and s'mores. Yum!

[At this point, I must state the obvious -- after using a digital SLR during the entire duration of our 17-day vacation, my point-and-shoot just seems like a piece of shit now. I really need a new point-and-shoot. Ugh.]

If you like grilling, this is the place for...Gyu. Tee hee hee.


  1. Oh, wow. Those s'mores....yum!

  2. gyu are hilarious. the black sesame ice cream looks delish! we enjoyed the food and non-smelliness when we went, too, but our wallets did not in comparison to how full our tummies were. :(

  3. Grilling/BBQ is nice, but I hate the idea of paying someone to let me cook my own food, especially when it usually leaves me smelly.

  4. Gyu are so funny. Sorry gyu need a new camera. I am sad for gyu.

  5. Oh fun! Those s'mores look deelish.

  6. the food looks so tasty! i'm glad you left smelling relatively un-meaty. we have a couple of restaurants we love going too, but often pass just because you smell icky once you leave. :(

  7. I know how gyu feel about gyur (?) point and shoot! Mine is totally a POS compare to my SLR.

  8. gyu are cracking me up. i would have been doing this too, and the hub would have been ready to kill me.

    he feels the same way as nanette. i don't care, i just like food.

  9. gyu KILL gyu ;)

    gyu need my canon powershot sd750.

    gyu welcome.

  10. Gyu have a good life my friend. ;)


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