Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cat's Meow

The Monkeys had a fun dinner with Brother Monkey and Torry last night at The Hungry Cat.

We hadn't seen them for a long time because Torry has been on tour. Luckily we caught her before she heads out again!

Here we are, the old fogeys. My hair is so busted. Ugh.

The Hungry Cat has great drinks. I got the batida of the day, which came with fresh strawberries. It was a tad strong for me because I'm a wuss, but it tasted marvelous once I let the ice melt a little. I think my brother's Luke's Lemonade was tastier.

One wonderful thing about dining with family is that we can eat off each other's plates without shame. Even better, I take photos without shame, too. When a neighboring patron asked why I was taking pictures of everything, Torry and Mr. Monkey responded in near-stereo, "She has a blog!"

Moment of awesomeness.

We shared the kampachi tartare with pickled peppers, daikon, jalapeƱo, and apple. It was fresh and fabulous. Looks tiny in the picture, but was actually a fairly generous portion of fish. I really enjoyed this.

We also shared the market lettuces, egg, avocado, and pecorino. Drool! Over a salad! As Brother Monkey noted, the multiple fats made it delicious. And I don't usually like cold chopped egg!

I ordered pan-roasted monkfish with farro, kebocha squash, young artichokes, and romesco. Very good portion of very good food.

Torry had an early spring pasta with Maine lobster, morels, and asparagus. The pasta was homemade and perfectly al dente, and the lobster was ample and meaty.

The boys both chose the pug burger with bacon, avocado, and bleu cheese. Mr. Monkey opted for no egg. Brother Monkey got the egg.

So juicy. So rich. So decadent. The fries were to die for, too. Mmm.

And then there was dessert! Chocolate bread and butter pudding!




But wait! There's more!

Yup. Second dessert. See Mr. Monkey salivating at the door?

Have fun in Utah, Torry! Can't wait for the Viper Room!


  1. 1. I thought you were paging me with this title. So moted.
    2. I've had a normal speaking voice for several weeks now and that is a sure sign that karaoke is due.
    3. Now, who is that super hot chick with your bro?


  2. i agree with cat. torry is super hot.

    that bread pudding looks delish.

    mr. monkey is my hero. everytime i am offered an egg, i have policy where i have to take it. have to.

  3. i think your BROTHER is the super hot one ;)

    ugh that food is soooooo gouda. yummers.

    don't wanna go in to the office,

  4. They opened a Pinkberry near where we live in what is know as the Irvine Spectrum. The Spectrum is yuppville thricefold and the people there take themselves way too seriously. Anyway, I was excited to try Pinkberry after hearing you rave about it, but the line wraps around the building! All these people were chattering about how cool it would be to try the "L.A. Yogurt" etc. and I just knew I couldn't stand there listening to the mindless banter. My husband and I settled for some Red Mango, hoping it is a close equivalent.

  5. I should know better by now than to read your blog before lunch. Now I'm starving with 90 minutes to go.

    The kampachi looks to die for.

  6. Torry is seriously cute. Yummm the bread pudding looks so good.

  7. I must go to this awesome place. You're the second blogger who's posted about it this week!

  8. torry sorta reminds me of julianne hough (the young blonde one) on dancing with the stars. a huge compliment, as julianne is one of my favorites. :)

  9. then that makes us truly family, because i know we've eaten off of each others' plates once or twice!

    [drooling at bread pudding]

  10. That's it, I'm going to Hungry Cat this weekend! I am tired of hearing how great that burger and fries are, and the pics made it worse!

  11. Those fries are seriously calling me! And I agree with Diabolina that your bro looks yummy too!

  12. Brother monkey and Torry are too cute.

  13. Omg, that bread pudding looks heavenly!

  14. Mr. P is obsessed with Hungry Cat.

    BTW, <3 the pic of your bro and Torry!

  15. Did Brother Monkey almost smile in that picture?? I think he did. :)

    I wish I could dine with family and share. I wish my family dined together as often as yours did. On second thought, maybe I don't.


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