Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fee Five Pho Fun


I smell the fumes of a bowl of yum!

Indulge me. (I can hear your groaning through the screen.)

Last night, Mr. Monkey and I went to Pho 5.5 (859 S. Western Avenue). Who goes for pho in K-town? We do!

[And please say "fuh" (as in rhymes with "duh"), not "faux." Thank you.]

Actually, the reason for our very first visit to Pho 5.5 was BCD Tofu House's popularity and our hunger. We wandered around the corner and found a pho place run by Korean folks with an "A" rating. Why not try it?

Pho 5.5 is decent food for a decent price. The "5.5" refers to the price of every single thing of the menu -- $5.55!

Or at least it used to.

When I perused the photographic menu last night, I was astonished to see "$6.50" under each picture. What?! This is Pho 5.5! I guess my surprise was rather vocal, as Mr. Monkey told me to simmer down. He asked me whether I thought the restaurant should change its name, and of course I gave him a resounding YES! Stupid 5.5. The nerve.

Well, no matter. $6.50 is still damn cheap. Oddly, my fave items at Pho 5.5 have always been the spring rolls and egg rolls. Two different fried cylindrical delights, my friends!

Sadly, the cute little spring rolls were totally underdone. We sent them back to be fried up some more. Here are the results.

Better, but I think they now have a different wrapper that is tofu-based and not nearly as tasty and crispy as the skins of old. Boo!

The pho is only so-so, but this place is so convenient, cheap, and very clean, so we are repeat patrons. I like to drizzle hoisin sauce and a little Sriracha on my pho. Mr. Monkey dresses his pho with big puddles of Sriracha and Chinese hot chili sauce.

Mr. Monkey ate most of my bowl in addition to his own. I saved room for dessert nearby.

Perfect end to my Monday.


  1. i eat my pho similar to the way mr. monkey does.

    and i don't mind korean pho places - they tend to market it as "health food," so their broths tend to be a little less greasy (and also a bit less flavorful...oh well). but then again i'm korean and not vietnamese.

  2. i sad to admit that i don't ever remember having pho. :(

  3. We tried a place called Red Mango in Irvine that is a Pinkberry knock-off. I had no idea the point was to eat yougurt that tastes like, well, yogurt. Regular yogurt, not that fro-yo crap. It was totally tangy and thus the selling point to talk my husband out of a Jamba Juice. I saw mochi for the first time but I was scared to try it since I am still not entirely sure what exactly it is. The internet has not proven helpful in selling me on trying it.

  4. Still haven't had pho or pinkberry. At what point will you disown me? ;)

  5. i eat pho like 3 times a week. my work friends are always like "AGAIN???" Whatevs it's damn good. ugh why aren't we eating right now...

  6. I eat pho like both monkeys and then some. Gotta have my picked onions drenched in hoisin sauce and Sriracha on the side. Just don't kiss me or talk to me afterwards.

  7. I say "Phaaah" - is that wrong? Not that it really matters, cause its one of those foods I never liked....

  8. Pinkberry is always the perfect way to end dinner!!!

  9. In my neck of the woods Pho places are 89, 55, 73 you were at 5.5! They must start numbers in LA and move down? =/

    I went to HS in "Little Saigon" in Westminster so there was a Pho place across the street from my HS that was soooooo yummy.

    It's been years since I've had it though..

    You hear that? Yes, that was my stomach growling.


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