Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Like Donkey Kong

After Glam's baby shower yesterday, Giggles kindly led me to the nearest thrift shop, The Salvation Army to be exact. Since Mr. Monkey wasn't keen on wearing his clothes backwards and realizing my Kris Kross dream, I went on the hunt for other stuff to wear to Jack Sprat's birthday party.

Let me rewind for a sec.

Jack Sprat turned 31 yesterday, but Diabolina flipped it to be 13. The theme of the party? The '90s! Included in the reminder about parking was this:

If you didn't catch the part about costumes, please note that everyone will be looking CRAZY in '90s don't try to look cute. We expect you to look retarded.

Oh, the pressure!

Well, truth be told, the Monkeys sort of wimped out and went grunge. I came home with a couple of flannel shirts from The Salvation Army. If you weren't aware, on Saturdays, everything is 50% off. My orange plaid J. Crew flannel was $2.00. It sort of skeeved me out to wear it.

When I showed the flannels to Mr. Monkey, he said, "I don't need that. I have my own." Really, Mr. Monkey? Really?! He paired his own flannel (Ralph Lauren, no less) with some hideous light jeans that he also owns.

Here he is, playing Donkey Kong at Jack Sprat and Diabolina's place. So 1994 in that get-up. Ugly fabu.

The birthday boy dressed up as Steve Sanders from Beverly Hills, 90210, specifically from the episode in which Steve gets the legacy key to all the test answers. See the key around his neck?

Diabolina was Brenda Walsh, specifically from the episode in which Brenda and Kelly wear the same dress to the Spring Dance, and Brenda becomes a woman that night with Dylan in Room 217. Yes, I recognized this outfit. Shut up.

Here's Jack Sprat when he was actually 13.

Diabolina in her faaaaaabulous closet!

Like any good party for a 13-year-old in the '90s, this party was catered by Shakey's. Pizza! Chicken! Mojo potatoes! This was followed by ice cream cake. Everybody went to town. I present to you the dregs.

Chow, Diabolina, chow!

The boys discuss a remote-controlled helicopter. Yes, Jack Sprat is wearing a jaunty little tiara. It was almost 3 a.m.

I know Diabolina will have far more pictures, which I hope to swipe after she posts. (I didn't feel comfortable taking pics of strangers!) Then you can marvel at my horrible plaid flannel shirt and appreciate the true dedication to '90s costumes by the other guests. There was everything from Donkey Kong himself to Scary Spice to Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction to a Members Only-clad guy in jean shorts.

That guy was my favorite, hands down. Commitment at its finest.

Happy birthday, Jack Sprat! We had so much fun!


  1. love the costumes. love when everyone is a good sport and participates. looks like a blast!

  2. love the 90210 era...looks like a fun and party.

  3. Mr. Monkey is reading! Woo hoo! Thanks to all of the loyal readers and especially those who post comments. I am truly flattered by the things you say. Much love to my soulmate, weemo. You make life worth living!

    The DK party was great. The monkeys had a great time. We love to hang with Diabolina and her Mr. D.

  4. um, i am pooping that mr. monkey has come out of the woodwork. so. freaking. excited!!!

    thanks for the cutie post! and for playing. and for meeting all your fans ;)

    we had another great time with the two of you. LOVE when we are the last ones to leave your b-day and u are the last ones to leave mr. d's!


  5. i have a really embarrassing confession:

    the brenda walsh dress is the exact style i had copied for my bridesmaids' dresses for my first wedding.

    i MUST find some pics. although i think i may have burned them all.

    WAIT. that's a mr. monkey comment! wow!!

  6. omg. i love costume parties. this is a great one!!!! i would have gone grunge, too. you shoudl have gotten some of those plastic baby barrettes for your hair! :)

  7. Awwww ok, Mr. Monkey's comment just made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Oh, and his costume cracked me up.

  8. omg! i can't believe the mr. commented! awesome :)

    and can i just say that i'm having SERIOUS closet envy right now?!?

  9. Mr. Monkey left a comment, yay!

    I just watched that 90210 episode with the dress. :)

  10. Mr. Monkey posted!!!! Awesome. That party sounds like fun too. Well, the Shakeys does anyway. ;) And I may not have recognized the outfit, but I remember the episode.


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