Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby One More Time

I go to a lot of baby showers these days. I guess this is just what happens when you get to be my age. I will be 31 in 10 days. Whee and ugh.

I headed to lovely Pasadena yesterday to Glam's mama's house for a surprise baby shower for Glam. Kudos to Ninety-Ten for giving Glam's mama and the other organizers of the shower the names and info of us newbies!

Glam's mama's house is one of those old classic Pasadena homes, beautifully and sturdily constructed with an enormous backyard -- perfect for an outdoor afternoon shower.

The lemonade and white sangria were both yummilicious.

Glam seemed pretty surprised when she arrived, but she's quite the smart cookie, so I wonder if she was just a sweetheart and pretended to be surprised. Tee hee!

Glam's niece was excited to see Glam and was the little darling of the shower. And, yes, she is such the little diva that she even had a wardrobe change during the party.

Glam's five-year-old son was also rather adorable. He's a sweet old soul who adores his mama.

We played the Guess the Size of Mom Game -- the one in which you cut a piece of string and compare it to the size of a piece of string that's been wrapped around mom's belly.

Apparently, through my frequent baby shower participation, I have honed my string-measuring prowess. I was off by only a half centimeter and won this prize.

I didn't stand a chance in the Necklace Game. This sassy relative cleaned house.

The Clothespin Game involved grabbing as many clothespins as you could with one hand. I only got 11 because the two I dropped didn't count toward 13. Boo! The winner successfully removed over 20!

Glam's son chose the winner of the Draw a Baby in 30 Seconds Game. The winner showed us her masterpiece.

One of Glam's relatives made this cake, which was mmm mmm good.

Then it was time to open presents!

Glam's boy was her happy little helper.

Giggles and I gave Glam this card, which Glam's son proclaimed to be "very very cute." Now that was very very cute! Our BabyBjörn will arrive at Glam's house in a couple days.
And here we are: Giggles, me, Glam's little boy, Glam, and Bax (who usually has her eyes open).
Thank you so much to the organizers of the shower. I had a lovely time.


  1. cuteness--don't be suprised if you have at least one more to go to this year j/k =)

  2. i absolutely ABHOR the "guess how big the mommy's belly is" game. i love shower games, but i'd have hit someone if they'd tried to pull that one on me.

  3. Is this what I have to look forward too when I get old like you?

  4. uhoh. it sounds like this baby hater is starting to like showers and games. bwahahahahaha. What prize did u get? share pls.

  5. i wanna eat that little boy's face.

    super duper cutes!

  6. Thanks for taking all those great pics of the shower but yikes! To think I was sad that I didn't take any pics during my previous pregnancy. So I understand my ginormous stomach. . . I even get the giant butt and thighs, but could you please explain to me what purpose all the extra fat in my face serves? Not feeling so glam these days. . .

  7. I know you are not into babies, but you are such a wonderful, generous guest. I'm sure Glam was really happy to have you there. :)


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