Monday, March 31, 2008

A Study of Gluttony

The Monkeys had dinner with Brother Monkey and Torry at The Hungry Cat tonight, but my goal these days is to try to go to bed by midnight on those nights before work.

It is now 12:19 a.m. ARGH.

I will blog tomorrow (I guess it's today now -- ARGH), but make sure to visit Winnie's blog for the infamous Study of Gluttony.

After 10Years saw it, she said, "I have a really hard time believing those are the only pics she has of you eating."

So embarrassed, yet so proud.


  1. I wanted to see what you got at Hungry Cat! I predict a bleu cheese burger review tomorrow...

  2. That is equally embarassing and totally awesome! Nice.

  3. i'm fairly certain i'd be able to create a similar collage. i've got some fabulous monkey photos in the archives.

  4. i loves the hungry kitty :)

    had some lobster dream the last time we were there.

    hope you went exotic,

  5. oh i'm sure i got some somewhere. will dig for em tonight

  6. Love the WeeMo collage! Especially love the impersonation of Bax's impersonation of Baby Vic!

  7. That post was so fabulous. No need for embarrassment!


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