Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grandma Claus Strikes Again

Grandma Monkey took me shopping again today at South Coast Plaza. She who pays gets her way! I was more than happy to return to our favorite mall.

My goal today was to attempt to replenish some of the gear Mr. Monkey lost at the end of our South American vacay. Sadly, though, South Coast Plaza isn't exactly a haven for such things. We tried Sport Chalet, but no dice. I am going to have to take Mr. Monkey to REI one of these days to help him rebuild the collection. Sadly, neither our non-existent insurance nor our credit card will cover the loss.

I'd also hoped to jumpstart my collection of running gear. Sport Chalet didn't impress me, but we had better luck at the Nike Store. Here's some stuff I tried.

After I figured out my size, I scooped up a number of Dri-FIT tops, running skirts, modern fit and perfect fit capris, a jacket, and socks.

The running skirts were quite something. I found them far more flattering than shorts. There are actually shorts underneath the skirt-like exterior. I was surprised I liked them so much. I was also surprised I didn't dig the loose-fit capris (which I'm wearing in the last pic in the lower right above). The modern and perfect fit made me look much slimmer!

In addition to apparel, I acquired some Nike Plus stuff.

I have yet to get shoes because I plan to get fitted at a real running store, per my friends' instructions.

After pretending to be athletic, I treated Mama and Grandma Monkey to sliders at Ruby's Diner.
The afternoon was all about Grandma Monkey! She wanted to stock up before going back to Taiwan. We visited her faves, including St. John, Escada, Celine, and Burberry. I would like to report that one St. John hoodie that Grandma Monkey bought cost the same as my 15 items from Nike. Scary expensive.

In contrast, I got this much more affordable little number from J. Crew. Pink. Orange. Argyle-esque. Cashmere. How could I resist?

We'd parked outside of Bloomingdale's, so we gave the store a whirl before calling it a day. And, while I didn't clean out the mall like I did last time, I was happy with my few quality pieces -- Tory Burch slingbacks, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Elie Tahari top, Elie Tahari dress, and an MBOC-inspired Andrew Marc coat (only $143, down from $425)!

Grandma Monkey goes back to Taiwan next week with lots of luxury loot in her luggage. Please cross you fingers that she does not suffer the same fate as Mr. Monkey.


  1. Love the coat!

    Separate note: very sad you didn't get the chili cheese fries at Rubys. They're my favorite.

  2. love love LOVE your bloomies finds... especially the tory burch slingbacks (flats?) and the marc jacobs bag! i am going on my own little shopping spree at scp this week with my mom as a belated bday present. sweeet! ;-)

  3. Love love LOVE the coat! You really scored!

  4. I love the coat! Love love love it.

  5. You're so lucky you can wear running skirts. My thighs are still too big and I'm afraid they'll catch on fire with all the friction =)

    Some day!

    Loved the sling backs and MBOC inspired coat.SUCH A NICE COAT!

    I'm praying for a safe trip back home for Gma Monkey

  6. Yay for Grandma Monkey! I still can't believe Senor Monkey never got his stuff back?! I love the rest of the goods. I love how the slogan of the SF halfie is "Run Like a Girl" and you bought running skirts ;)

  7. LOVE that coat. So jealousE!

  8. my faves:
    tory burch slingbacks
    marc jacobs bag that i got to pet.
    the coat, of course.

  9. I want a new running wardrobe too! Unfortunately after plunking down my life savings for shoes, it'll have to wait till the next paycheck. Although I did hit up the Nike store by my office on Friday - they didn't have near the amount of sale goods :-(

  10. LOVE IT ALL!! You're gonna be the sassiest runner out there :) Love the shoes, love the love love!

  11. loving all the spoils. the coat is very jlo in maid in manhattan when she steals the rich lady's outfit.

    you are one rich lady ;)

  12. ooh, that skirt is cute! i'll have to try one on next time i'm there. i have a pair of the perfect fit capris that i like a lot and am toying with getting a pair in grey too.

    love love love the tunic and the dress. so chic!

    and i totally thought of you when i saw that j.crew sweater on friday. happy to see that you've already snagged it!

  13. That jacket and sweater are awesome!

  14. haha NOW i understand why you left that comment on my depressing wisdom teeth post. At least one of us got to go shopping this weekend :) LOVE all teh stuff you got

  15. I am seriously contemplating kidnapping Grandma Monkey.

  16. u have the best grandma and wardrobe to boot. i am confined to shopping at cheapies like urban outfitters hahaha

  17. I dig the model monkey. G-Ma Monkey needs to expand her clan, I'm up for a rich G-Ma, well, any G-Ma.

  18. I really love your coat and that bag. The top is cute too! And you've got your running gear...score!!


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