Thursday, March 13, 2008

Demurrer, Dots, and Dueling Sandwiches

Who is the Queen of Demurrers?

I am! I am!

I had a hearing in Pasadena today. It's always nice when you get to court and see a slip of paper that says the judge agrees with you. Resoundingly. This, my friends, is what we call a favorable tentative ruling.


It's rare that judges will reverse a tentative, so I was all smiles while I sat in court and waited for my case to be called. I'm a Nervous Nellie, though, so, while smiling, I still flipped through my papers in preparation. Opposing counsel, who was an old white guy, was not all smiles while he flipped through his papers. I love beating old white guys.

After winning my argument (and I hardly argued -- such is the beauty of having your writing convince the judge of your point before oral argument), I went to Dots Cupcakes. For me, no appearance at the Pasadena courthouse is complete without a visit to Dots. I actually look forward to going to the Pasadena courthouse because of Dots. Every courthouse should have a cupcakery nearby. It would make life so much better.

When I got to Dots, it was closed! Well, closed before it opened at 10 a.m. So what did I do? What any cupcake-loving monkey would do -- I sat in my car and waited 10 minutes until Dots opened. Ridiculous, I know, but I took this opportunity to call my buddy Pescado and catch up a little with him on old firm gossip. At 10 a.m., I told Pescado that I had to go get my cupcake on, and I opened the doors to sweet sweet goodness.


That's what happens to you when you open the door to Dots. You get hit with the yummiest smell, a delightful conglomerate of vanilla and chocolate and heaven.

The Shark's birthday was two days ago, so I thought that was a good reason to get a dozen cavity-inducing goodies for the office. I also got another four to enjoy at home with Mr. Monkey.

When I got to work, everybody marveled at the sugary masterpieces. I got one of each flavor available today. The Shark got first pick in honor of his belated birthday. These babies went bye-bye in a matter of minutes. Good thing I stashed away those extra four in a safe place.

You'd think that would be the end of my food adventures for the day.


Bax and I went to Mr. Baguette for lunch to see how it compares to Lee's Sandwiches.

I got a chicken baguette and an iced coffee. Bax got turkey and cheese on a croissant.

See how eerily similar our adventure at Lee's was!

We both liked our meals, but we are bigger fans of Lee's. Maybe it's because we had high expectations for Mr. Baguette or because we were so hungry when we ate at Lee's last time. I'm not really sure, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly why we both prefer Lee's. I think we need a side-by-side taste test to put this issue to rest.

In totally unrelated news, my beloved The Original Texas Barbecue King has been razed to make room for more units of that damn Orsini apartment complex. Ugh. I am sad. It's not exactly R.I.P. time, as BBQ King has moved to a new location at 53rd and Vermont, but I will no longer have finger-licking-good baby backs just a few minutes away. Boo! Curse you, Orsini! You are a useless monstrosity!

Finally, in more unrelated news, I rode my elliptical today for 30 minutes again, but I ramped it up to level five from its previous level four. I was pleased with the 3.70 miles I did on the higher level. It was harder with that extra resistance.


  1. Yay for winning! And yay for cupcakes!!

    I was so, so sad the other day when I saw a can of Sprinkles mix at William Sonoma. Oh, the yummy delicious cupcakes of LA! But I didn't buy it. Why? Cuz I was too dang lazy to make it myself :-P

  2. my question has always been, does anyone even live at those orsini complexes?! it seems like a new one pops up every few months and they look completely empty :/ sorry you're losing the bbq joint next to you guys. that sucks!

  3. i prefer lee's, too. i'm not sure why, either. it's been too long since i've had mr. baguette to remember.

    when did dots get branded boxes? i was last there maybe a month ago, and she still had blah ones. oh well.

    i <3 that my client lives literally around the corner from dots (the office one, no less).

  4. haha! United Colors of Benneton ad! That's hilarious...and true! Anyway, I MUST try Dots NOW! Those look so scrumptious! My birthday is at the end of the month. I can give you my address to mail me some. heehee :) Can't blame a girl for tryin'.

  5. always a ++ to stop off at Dots. That reminds me, i'm running low on cupcakes.

    I have to say that I like Lee's much better than Mr. Baguette. The flavor is more intense b/c of how stuff our sandwich is. Whereas MR.B is a bit smaller in portions. IMO.

  6. oh, how i love dot's.

    and, awww! i was in pasadena yesterday morning. if i hadn't resisted the urge for cupcakes, i'd have totally run into you!

  7. a pit stop for cupcakes is always a good idea. ;-) they look delightful, as always!

  8. If you're the queen I'm the princess.

    I can't believe how many cupcake places y'all have in LA

  9. i heart you beating old white guys AND getting your cupcake on.

    Mr. D saw a client in Pasadena and went to Pie and Burger. I thinks next time you are in Pasadena we should head over there. I like pies and I like burgers.

    p.s. i seriously think I am addicted to cupcakes. Since I had one from Sprinkles two weeks ago, they are all i can think about.

  10. You ARE the Queen of Demurrers! Good work!

    Josh just leaned over and pointed at the croissant. I think he was a bit jealous!

  11. omg i'm obsessing over DOTS packaging!! the cupcakes look good too ;)

  12. Getting a favorable ruling, beating an old white guy (bonus points if he called you "honey" or "sweetie") and cupcakes ... Sounds like you had a perfect day!

  13. I have been craving cupcakes and this didn't help. Glad your food adventures are added to your kicking ass in court adventures. ;)


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