Sunday, March 2, 2008

Marathoning Mofos

I woke up late this morning to the sound of helicopters and cheering. That could only mean one thing -- the Los Angeles Marathon! Usually, I find the marathon rather annoying, as it basically holds me captive in my own home due to all the street closures.

This year, however, was different. This year, I had people to support!

I packed up my camera and the big colorful signs I made last night and boarded the Metro to Union Station.

Why was I going away from the marathon? To meet my fellow supportive mofos who had taken the train to Union Station!

R, Amber, and Wan were already there with the goodie bags from the L.A. crew. Mad props to R and Amber for lovingly constructing these. The contents included Icy Hot, Motrin, Salonpas, Epsom salts, Snickers marathon bars, Jolly Ranchers, Gatorade, and other unique items that shall be revealed later in this post.

See one of my signs in the back? I made one for each girl, and the back of each sign also had encouraging words. The posterboard I got had a different color on each side, which made it look like I had 12 signs! I attempted to do an art deco font. You'll see more of these later, too.

I was intrigued by the offerings at the Union Station snack bar. I've never had a freshly backed bagel. I wonder if there is some weally weally whitle butter for that whitle bread.

After Kate, Jon, Claire, Tim, Jennifer, Ashley, and MBOC arrived, we headed to Philippe's for lunch. Please note I took the first photo below one-handed while juggling six signs in my other hand. That's why there's a pole in the upper left corner. Poop.

I had a double-dipped lamb with jack cheese and a lemonade.

And then it was time to ride the Metro back to 7th and Figueroa to meet kim photography at our cheering spot.

There were many interesting runners and a few interesting signs. Pikachu was my favorite!

We went crazy when our first runner, 10YearsTogether, started the last 0.2 of the 26.2! Fierce!

Not long after, USCgirl ran by. AsianPrncssKim crossed our path later. Then Cat made the turn onto Flower Street.

And finally Jessica and Aline triumphed! They were going so fast that they were just a blur. Har har har.

Here are some supportive mofos and supportive husbands!

Amber models the "tears of joy" packets she made for the goodie bags. Cat caught on quickly.

The runners sport their hard-earned medals (and smoothies).

A few of us joined some of the girls and their husbands for post-marathon nachos and calamari.

I had to take a picture of APK's new kicks.

We love our runners (even when 10Years makes her infamous keyboard face, which, by the way, is perfect for any computer monitor's wallpaper)!

Congratulations, 10Years, USCgirl, APK, Cat, Y_L, and Fiddy! We are so proud of you guys!


  1. your pictures turned out great! smart move passing me the sign while you snapped away ;)

    such a fun day! and really, how often do you actually have friends running the l.a. marathon? so happy to be a supportive mofo :D

    congrats again girlies -- you all rock!

  2. Awesome post! Congrats to all the OC Nesties!

    I really wish that I would've gone. Stupid homework!

  3. Fabulous recap! I felt like I was there! I'm so sad to have missed it, but I was there in spirit. Yay OC Nesties and their awesome supporters!

  4. so, so sad i couldn't go. ugh.

    it looks wonderful, and yay for supportive AND running mofos! it looks like a success all around.

  5. Thanks Again Weemo for your awesome LA navigation skills! Us OC girls were so lucky to have you!
    Bitchen signs, hard core goodie bags & fab recap! Overall, A GOOD ASS TIME!

  6. so cool! you got a great pic of d. way to go guys. it looks like ALL of you had tons of fun.

  7. Your photos are sooooo good! And your signs rocked. You should put them up in your place to remind you of the day. Thanks to all the L.A. Nesties for being the best tour guides ever!

  8. Love all the pictures! What a lovely day.

  9. You have captured the day so perfectly! I don't even think I'm going to bother posting my lame ass pics. It was a great day and I'm so proud of our OC Nesties! :)

  10. ditto r. my point-and-shoot pics are going to be embarrassingly inferior, but i'll put 'em up anyway. eventually ;)

    great recap, dude! and another huge congrats to our marathoners - seriously, such an awesome accomplishment!

  11. I'm so sad you didn't get to hear all of our costume comments. We were DYING! My favorite was when the yellow body suit came around and Claire jumped out with "Look, there's Mr. Kate's Halloween costume this year!"

  12. I'm cryimg all over agaim!!! How mamy thamk yous cam I give you? Seriously. Thamk you for everythimg, the recap, the goodies, the sigms, the support, the pics, everythimg was so perfect amd I'm glad you amd the mesties were there with us to be a part of it all.

  13. omg you guys are the best cheerleaders! grab bags at the finish line? Do you guys do 5ks as well?

    And did that chiwawhua pictured really run 26.2 miles?!? thats just impressive.

  14. I don't have any more words to tell you what a BLESSING you (and all the other nesties) were.

    From beginning to end we felt your love and support and I couldn't be any more greatful.

    You all are a riot and so amazing in EVERY way and I hope that you all understand how deeply these fun and small gestures touched us.

    For you guys it may have been a fun trip out- for us it was the last breath we needed.


  15. yay marathoners!!

    p.s. i love pigging out before seeing your friends run a marathon.

    f and i once picked up kfc and forties before waiting for my girlfriend to run her first la marathon a block from his house. we are degenerates.

  16. I love the pictures of the running nesties. You guys rock!!!

  17. What a great recap with the photos. How fun!

  18. Great fotos!! I really enjoyed them all.

    Actually, I was the Pikachu :)

    I just searched on Google and hit your blog!
    Thank you for your picture and comment on me!

    You can see my blog, but it's in Japanese.

    Do you mind if i use your picture on my blog?


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