Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Bad Movies and Cheap Armenian Chicken

We spent 7.5 hours in a movie theater today. That period of time included three bad blockbusters and an emergency evacuation.

Yes, evacuation.

You see, when somebody burns popcorn at work, you simply endure a nasty smell. When somebody burns popcorn at a movie theater, you're forced to leave the building.

Thankfully that was it.

A bit of humor for you -- while people sauntered out nonchalantly in response to the whooping siren and flashing lights, they ran and trampled each other to get back to their original seats.

Yeah, we ran, too.

There's not that much to say about the movies. I'll be brief.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Very much like the first three Indy films. Seeing as how it has been a whopping 19 years since the last flick, this is not a good thing. Like all Indy films, the plot was ridiculous, the bad guys horribly stereotyped, and the dialogue absurd. I felt bad for Cate Blanchett and her Mia-Wallace-from-Pulp-Fiction wig. But Shia LaBeouf was surprisingly good, notwithstanding his stupid hair and even stupider lines.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: Ugh! So bad! And so very very sad in light of the fact that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was actually quite wonderful. Not enough whimsy. Not enough magic. Just...not enough.

Speed Racer: Nevermind that the logo looks like Burger King, this movie wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm not saying that it was good, but at least it was visually engaging and interesting. It was like watching real people inside of a video game. On acid. Or so I would imagine, not ever having actually dropped acid.

Around 9:30 p.m., we emerged from the darkness and drove to Zankou Chicken to grab some take-out. If you've never been to Zankou, I feel sorry for you and the rock under which you've been living.
zankou 001
zankou 002
zankou 003
Zankou boasts that it is "the best chicken in town at any price: moist, juicy and fragrant." I don't disagree. However, while most people go for full or half chickens accompanied by pita, this lazy Monkey prefers getting her wraps made for her.

Chicken Tarna Wrap (grilled chicken with garlic sauce and tomatoes).
zankou 005
Tri-Tip Shawerma Wrap (grilled steak with sesame sauce and tomatoes).
zankou 004
Falafel Wrap (falafel with lettuce, tomatoes, and sesame sauce).
zankou 006
Each wrap was $4.99 and delicious. The Monkeys find that sharing three is perfect.


  1. Oh God - I can't believe you watched all 3 of those movies. Sorry about the evac but I think I'm sorrier for you that you endured all those films - none of them interest me. Also, your Zankou writing made me nostalgic for Quick Pita - did you ever go to that place? It was one of my faves in DC.

  2. mmmm...those wraps look kickass.

  3. I saw Indy Jones yesterday, and I agree with you on your points. However, I went in wanting a good action movie, and that's exactly what I got. Plus, an argument can be made that the fact that the #1 villian was a smart, sword-wielding woman speaks in favor of feminism. ;)

    I really did hate the ending, though, not to mention the alien overtones to the story.

  4. love zankou. love wraps instead of wrestling half a chicken into loose pita.

    sure you never dropped? i kid, of course.

  5. I think this may be one of the few times that I've actually been to a place you blogged about. Woo hoo!

  6. We will be restaurant BFFs for life, but sadly we can never be movie BFFs.

    Although I didn't like Prince Caspian - for completely other reasons. The castle scene had be shoulder heaving, near hysterical crying in a way I haven't done at a movie since Gladiator.

  7. MMMMMMM....LOVE Zankou chicken!! The place where I'm interning this summer as one right downstairs!! Drooling over your pictures!

  8. zankou chicken is delish. and now i need to go and get some.

    i have no interest in the other two movies, but i WILL go see indy. i know just what to expect, i loved the first three, and i'm looking forward to the predictable storyline and cheesy one-liners. hee!

  9. boo to those movies. i have no desire to see any movie this summer except Batman and SATC. at least, you got a delish and cheap dinner to make up for it. thanks for making me hungry!

  10. You are too hysterical - "coming out from under the rock you've been hiding." Hahaha. I have to admit, that I've never been to that chicken place, but that's only because I don't really have any near me. I swear.

  11. I have no interests in seeing any of the three movies . . .

  12. I couldn't put my finger on why this Narnia movie wasn't as good as the first, but you've solved that for me. Not enough magic and not enough whimsy! I also felt the same about Speed Racer...kinda like I was on drugs, but not. It was entertaining enough. :)

  13. Ditto winnie - I will never see any of those movies, but now I feel like I can at least keep up with water cooler chat. Although, we don't actually have a water cooler at work.

  14. That reminds me I owe you movie tix!

  15. <3 that you reference "dropping" acid. Always on point with correct terminology :P

  16. i never been to that chicken place. always peep it. always want it. but never have gone.

    so sad about prince caspian. those narnia books were my childhood.

    p.s. you dropping acid would be hilarious. or not ;)

  17. i've never been to zankou, though it is on my list of places to eventually hit.

  18. See those three movies one after another would make me dizzy. But I'm salivating at the pic of the Zankou goodies. Oooh...the garlic sauce!

  19. I love the 7.5 monkey movie marathon!


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