Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Quest for Smurf Houses

The last time we went to Hong Kong Palace (19101 Colima Road, Rowland Heights) was Christmas, and today Mama Monkey, Brother Monkey, Mr. Monkey, and I went again for one thing: Smurf Houses!
hong kong palace 001
If you are a loyal reader, you know full well that I'm talking about crispy skin almond tea, the most divine hot and sweet treat that modern Chinese cuisine has to offer.
hong kong palace 027
Look at it. Beautiful. Golden. Puffy. Flaky.
hong kong palace 028
hong kong palace 029
hong kong palace 030
We ate a bunch of other things at dim sum, too.

Luo bo gao. Daikon radish cake. Crispy fried deliciousness.
hong kong palace 005
Shao mai. Savory meaty goodness.
hong kong palace 006
Pai gu. Little spare ribs that pack a punch.
hong kong palace 007
Tofu skin rolls. Good for your tastebuds, good for your health.
hong kong palace 008
Xia jiao. A shrimpy favorite.
hong kong palace 009
Chang fen. Sweet pork enveloped in a big rice noodle. Mmm.
hong kong palace 010
Jie lan. Chinese broccoli drizzled with oyster sauce. Yum.
hong kong palace 011
Xian xui jiao. One of my all-time favorites -- fried glutinous dumplings.
hong kong palace 013
Crispy pork with fresh cucumbers. Grease meets crisp freshness.
hong kong palace 015
hong kong palace 021
Cai jian bao. Pan fried dumplings infused with leafy greens.
hong kong palace 016
Fried noodles. Oily pasta never tasted so good.
hong kong palace 019
Cha shao su. Amazingly flaky and perfect.
hong kong palace 023
Ma tuan. Chewy, sweet, and drool-inducing.
hong kong palace 026
Hong Kong Palace is absolutely packed on the weekends during lunch. It's no wonder because the restaurant's dim sum is better than dinner. And, while the dim sum is reliable, the star of the show really is the Smurf House, which is the only reason we come here.

My advice is to arrive early or to be a total jerk and walk right in and sit down, as we saw several parties do, much to the dismay of all the rest of us who were waiting patiently for our numbers to be called.

Lucky for us, when certain jerks tried to swipe our table when our number was up, Brother Monkey blocked them.



  1. Before I learned of smurf houses we went to dim sum fairly regularly. Of course, now that there's something specific I want to try we haven't been to dim sum in AGES!

  2. Oooh, I want to go! I need a primer before our trip!

  3. I can't really tell if you enjoyed your meal...;)

  4. Looks absolutely divine! Next time you go dim sum, I wanna come.

  5. My hood!

    Those fried noodles looked really good, actually.

  6. I've never had dim sum. Take me with you. Please?

  7. i am absolutely craving dim sum now, and still need to try these elusive smurf houses. yumm!!

  8. Yay, I know the names of a few dishes now, no more pointing! That pork and cucumber dish looks yum, I've never seen it. Nice table regulating by BroMo. I'm sure blocking the table, a mean glare, and a stern "what?" would have also been effective.

  9. oh man, how i love dim sum.

    and now i want a smurf house.

  10. i'm wanting it all. i especially love the sesame ball with bean paste

  11. OMG. all my dim sum faves in one spot. i HATE the dimsum jerks. luckily, my FIL is quite the a-hole back to them so we never get our table swiped. O:)

  12. I've never heard of a smurf house but it looks like something that would satisfy my sweet tooth quite nicely. Your post made me crave dim sum like a muther, btw.

  13. Oh man. Seriously mouth watering.

  14. I love these pictures of the smurf houses almost as much as the first time I ever saw them.


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