Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gogatsu Itsuka*

That's my rough Japanese translation of Cinco de Mayo. I had an awesome dinner at Sai Sai with Jen and Trisha last night.
sai sai 002
Jen and Trish are my darling little baby lawyers, and I love them for their far more positive outlook on the profession. They are a good balance to my jaded bitter self. We had a great time discussing all things legal and non-legal, and Jen and I basically planned out Trisha's life for the next 5+ years. Ha!

Sai Sai has always been a downtown favorite of mine, although I can rarely go these days because I no longer have the Green Giant's expense account and summer associates to tote along. Lucky for us, my dear friend Talksa won a $100 gift certificate and was so generous to bestow it upon me because she's not that into Japanese food. (Thank you, Talksa!)

The restaurant boasts "modern Asian cuisine," which is a euphemism for chichi slightly bastardized Japanese.

But it's damn good chichi slightly bastardized Japanese.

Jen and I shared a few pieces of sushi to start -- hamachi and albacore.
sai sai 006
Our first courses included rock shrimp canneloni (which was more like lightly tempura-battered spring rolls), ahi tuna tartare, and fresh green salad.
sai sai 007
sai sai 008
sai sai 009
Our main courses were miso-glazed black cod, nori-wrapped ahi tuna steak, and filet mignon.
sai sai 010
sai sai 012
sai sai 011
And, yes, everything tasted as good as it looked.

We ended the night with molten chocolate cake (well, Jen and Trish did) and lemongrass creme brulee.
sai sai 014
sai sai 015
As delectable as everything was, the company was even more delicious. I had the best time. You guys just get it. Thanks.

*Special thanks to Lina for giving me the correct Japanese translation!


  1. yay for the group being the superstar legal team of SFAM! :)

    everything looks delicious. i can guess which entree was trish's.

  2. YUM!!! Your pictures are awesome. I want to eat that all right now!

  3. please send me one bite of everything ASAP. it all looked awesome...

  4. Wow, that looks so freaking delicious. DROOLING.

    Glad you guys got together. Good times.

  5. It looked famtastic. "You guys just get it" - that made me feel warm amd fuzzy imside. I love friemds like that.

  6. ...not to be an ass... but
    Cinco de Mayo in Japanese is:
    Gogatsu (May)
    Itsuka (5th)
    or Kodomono hi (Children's day in Japan!)
    hahah. I just couldn't let that one go! But the food you had looks AMAZING! And I'm loving your blog! :)

  7. The colors in those pictures are just ridiculous.

  8. I was inspired to have Japanese food for dinner tonight because of this post. You're changing lives one meal at a time, weemo. ;)

  9. i bet if i'd been at this dinner, i'd have just stuffed my face and smiled and nodded, not being able to relate to a darn thing ;)

    yay for bastardized japanese eats!

  10. Two words: jealous and yum.

  11. I gotta get the green giant to take me to this place. yum-my

  12. Weirdest Mexican Food Ever ;-)

  13. I think if that was all before me right now I would pass out from the sheer glory and beauty of it all. It has been a while since I have eaten something so lovely.


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