Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jokey Smurf: The Aftermath

For the set-up, read this first, if you haven't already.

Now proceed.

When he came into his office on Thursday, Jason Bourne was apparently sleepy enough to believe that Phileas Fogg had given him a frilly pink gift bag. Jason sent Phileas an e-mail with the subject "Are you kidding me?!" The content of that e-mail included something to the effect of "Well played, sir. Well played."
But then Phileas told Jason that he wasn't the culprit.

Later, I got an e-mail with the subject "Fredo, I know it was you!!"
Here was our interchange:
Bourne: Yes, my dear, I know of your nefarious plot to make light of my girlfriend's attempt to poison me over the weekend with a bad picnic plate. If our company rules didn't prohibit it, I would give you the Michael Corleone kiss of death to mark my intent to seek retribution. The day of reckoning is coming. Prepare thyself....

Monkey: Tee hee hee! It's a gift! You got four free rolls of toilet paper!

Bourne: Come to think of it, i really do need the back-up supply after this week's happenings.
Later, Bax e-mailed me with this gem as she left work:
Jason Bourne drove by as I was crossing the street, yelling, "Vengeance is mine!" Totally startled me!
Now Bax and I are a little nervous about what is to come.

And Jason Bourne looks nothing like Matt Damon, but explaining why I call him Jason Bourne would take far too long.


  1. This makes me miss working in a fun environment.

  2. hahaha, look forward to hearing what Bourne's got up his sleeve :)

  3. Hilarious! Can't wait to see what Bourne has up his sleeves :)

  4. I think he looks like a Bourne. I smell a No. 4 in the making.

  5. Love it. Please tell Jason Bourne to take pictures when it's his turn :)

  6. jason bourne is hot.

    ooooh, payback! i can't wait for the follow-up to this follow-up!

  7. It has begun. I heart this Jokey Smurf episode. :)

  8. i'm guessing the payback is gonna be good ;)

  9. Haha this is awesome! I know it's an old post but I had to comment...(new reader, found your blog through Kidultry) I have definitely gotten this card for a co-worker, and that is a great photo. I have a blog called "I Shake My Fist At You," so I love when I see other people shaking their fists!


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