Sunday, May 18, 2008

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We went to Glendale yesterday to get Big Red serviced.
mamita 008
mamita 009
Whenever we do this, we dine at Mamita Peruvian Restaurant (714 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale, (818) 243-5121) while we wait.
mamita 010
Nestled between Mercedes and BMW dealerships, Mamita is a small unassuming eatery that serves home-cooked Peruvian food.
mamita 013
The ambience is nothing to speak of, but the food is pretty tasty, enough so that Mr. Monkey's family joined us for lunch.

Mr. Monkey and his brother ordered some Kola Inglesa.
mamita 019
Mr. Monkey's dad drank Inka Cola.
mamita 018
Appetizers included chicharrones de pescado and platanos fritos. Dee-lish.
mamita 021
mamita 020
I dined on saltado de carne y pollo. The beef was a little chewier than usual, but otherwise the dish was quite good. Those are french fries in there!
mamita 022
Mr. Monkey opted for tallarin de camaron y carne. It was like Peruvian spaghetti!
mamita 023
Mr. Monkey's dad had mojarra frita -- a whole tilapia fried. Fan-freakin-tastic. This was by far the best dish of the day. Sadly, I didn't get to photograph it until we'd demolished most of it.
mamita 024
Dessert was flan and Peruvian custard. The flan was smoother with more caramel notes.
mamita 032
The custard was airier and laden with cinnamon.
mamita 033
Little Monkey Niece and her tri-pigtails had fun walking back to the car with her Uncle Monkey.
mamita 036
mamita 034
mamita 040
mamita 041
If you're ever in the neighborhood to shop for or to service a car, I highly recommend stopping by Mamita. You could probably skip dessert, which wasn't all that great, but make sure to load up on lots of fried goodness.


  1. I'm a big fan of Peruvian food - those dishes looked so on point. I wish they had a franchise down here in my neck of the woods.

  2. I adore Little Monkey Niece.

  3. The tilapia's face is staring at me! Ahhh! I do like Peruvian food, though, so I will have to check this place out!

  4. OMG! My grandma used to comb my sister's hair like that! Except for the third pony would be at the top of her head instead of the bottom.

    She is too cute!

  5. diame needs to know there is decent peruvian as far south as irvine.

    the tilapia looks delish. now i want some saltados.

    LMN's hair is hilarious. and cute.

  6. okay LMN is positively adorable. such a cute little face!

    will have to keep that place in mind. looks very yummy.

  7. I love the photo of the backs of uncle monkey and little monkey niece. Too cute!

  8. We have to find a new Peruvian place now that our favorite is miles and miles away. But then I get to be like my friend, Detective Monkey and explore all new restaurants!

  9. mamita is what we call my french grandmother - love it!

    and I need to remember not to read your blog when I'm hungry. it's like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach.

  10. WTH? How did I not know about this place? I'm going to go there in the very near future.

  11. LMN's pigtails are adorable.

    and the food looks fab. i'm wishing i had that flan right now, actually.

  12. I love love love Peruvian food. One of the few culinary benefits of living in Chile is that there are lots of Peruvian options! Although I do have to say that I hate Inca Cola, it tastes like bubblegum, and the color doesn't help. This post actually inspired me to eat Peruvian the other night, so thanks! Have to say, I was sad to read that you were cutting back on some aspects of your blogging, but so far the yummy food and photos are keeping me satisfied :)

  13. I will have to remember this place the next time I go out for lunch. Have you been to Lola's up the street?

  14. I have not! Maybe next time we get the car serviced. :)


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