Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happiness in Ten Courses

Mr. Monkey's cousin Opto married Dr. Arizona yesterday. It was a traditional Taiwanese affair at a popular hotel for such events, complete with large posed studio portraits and rampant red double happiness symbols.
universal wedding 007
universal wedding 006
universal wedding 005
universal wedding 003
universal wedding 001
The florals were sweet and cheery and the aisle Cinderella-esque.
universal wedding 013
universal wedding 015
universal wedding 016
The processional.
universal wedding 017universal wedding 018
universal wedding 019universal wedding 020
universal wedding 021universal wedding 022
universal wedding 023universal wedding 024
Opto's father passed away not long ago, so Mr. Monkey's father walked our dear Opto down the aisle. He was so proud to be at Opto's side.
universal wedding 027
universal wedding 028
It was a lovely ceremony officiated by Dr. Arizona's sister.
universal wedding 034
universal wedding 037
universal wedding 050
universal wedding 051
universal wedding 052
Little Monkey Niece had the greatest time playing with all of her cousins and Mr. Monkey during the cocktail hour.
universal wedding 056
universal wedding 059
universal wedding 060
universal wedding 064
universal wedding 066
universal wedding 067
universal wedding 069
universal wedding 076
universal wedding 058
universal wedding 010
LMN didn't enjoy being posed for photographs. She gets shy in big groups!
universal wedding 072
I ended up wearing an old Banana Republic dress I bought last year instead of the Michael Kors dress I bought on Wednesday, which seemed too light and flouncy for the cloudy day. This BR dress was made of thicker fabric, which worked well for the cool weather. This was the only full-length pic of us both, which I snapped in a dirty reflective window.
universal wedding 063
The hors d'oeuvres included sushi and dim sum delights.
universal wedding 075
The cocktail hour also offered a personal delight for me. A nice young couple introduced themselves to me, and the husband said, "My wife's too embarrassed to tell you this, but she reads your blog!"

How cool is that?! I felt as happy as a Z-list celebrity being recognized at the supermarket for the first time!

It turns out MJ, a friend of Opto, found me when she was planning her wedding and has been reading ever since. Her husband D is also a lawyer, so our Monkey adventures have some resonance for both MJ and D. Thanks for saying hello! As dorky as it may sound, I was really excited to meet you both!

And then it was time for the reception.
universal wedding 081
Our table had a tall centerpiece.
universal wedding 082
Favors were little packets of flowering tea.
universal wedding 086edit
The cake was reminiscent of one featured in Martha Stewart Weddings a few years ago. I always love polka dots!
universal wedding 079
Some family pics at our table.
universal wedding 087
universal wedding 090
The entrance of the wedding party and the bride and groom.
universal wedding 091universal wedding 092
universal wedding 093universal wedding 094
universal wedding 095universal wedding 096
universal wedding 097
The first dance.
universal wedding 098
universal wedding 100
LMN thought my bright orange bracelet was a great toy.
universal wedding 127
universal wedding 128
universal wedding 130
My sister-in-law showed me the funniest picture of LMN in the rain the other day.
universal wedding 122
LMN perked up when she heard "Be Our Guest" being played.
universal wedding 105
I laughed so hard as the waitstaff marched into the ballroom to the Disney song.
universal wedding 106
Let the foodfest commence!

(1) Shrimp Salad. This was shrimp and cubed cantaloupe and honeydew slathered in mayonnaise. Not my fave (because of all that unadulterated mayo -- blech), but the quality of the shrimp was very good.
universal wedding 110
universal wedding 111
(2) Baked Scallops With Butter and Basil. Fresh and delicious. I had two!
universal wedding 113
(3) Garden Vegetables With Conpoy Topping. For those of you who are scratching your heads, conpoy is dried scallop. Unmemorable dish.
universal wedding 114
(4) Prince's Shark Fin Soup With Crabmeat (before and after I added vinegar). It's very un-PC, but I love shark fin soup, and I especially love it with the tang of vinegar. This was pretty tasty, although I prefer my shark fin soup a tad less gelatinous.
universal wedding 115
universal wedding 116
(5) Braised Fresh Abalone With Mushrooms. I had some of the abalone and spinach. Enjoyable.
universal wedding 117
universal wedding 118
(6) Pan Fried Lobster With House Special Sauce. The home run of the night! I could've eaten the whole platter myself!
universal wedding 125
universal wedding 126
(7) Chef's Special Succulent Roast Chicken With Garlic Sauce. Not extraordinary, but still yummy.
universal wedding 132
Note: At this point, my battery died, and my back-up battery was also mysteriously drained. Mr. Monkey's brother let me borrow his point-and-shoot. So nice! Thank you!
universal wedding 133
(8) Steamed Fresh Catch. I don't know what kind of fish this was, but it was excellent. I really savored this.
universal wedding 135
(9) Double Happiness Egg Noodles. I always love this. It's pretty hard to screw up.
universal wedding 142
(10) Puree of Sweet Beans With Lotus Seeds, Rice Ball, and Purple Rice. Somebody at our table didn't want hers. I had her bowl in addition to my own. Mmm. Enough said.
universal wedding 146
Opto's first wardrobe change was to a red modified chi pao with a drop waist and ruffled hem.
universal wedding 119
universal wedding 121
Mr. Monkey's father gave a great speech in Taiwanese. He directed people who didn't speak Taiwanese to "ask your neighbor." Ha!
universal wedding 149
LMN, however, was not paying attention at all to her grandfather's speech.
universal wedding 139
universal wedding 141
Opto's last wardrobe change was to a blue ball gown. Apologies for my crappy pictures. Opto was absolutely beautiful in real life!
universal wedding 155
universal wedding 156universal wedding 157
My slice of wedding cake was light and not too sweet.
universal wedding 163
Brother-bride and mother-groom dance.
universal wedding 165
In typical Taiwanese fashion, all the old people practically flew out of the room right after the last course. The Monkeys boogied for awhile, hugged the bride, and went home, bellies very very full.

Thank you so much for inviting us, Opto and Dr. Arizona! Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!


  1. I love LMN's bumblebee knit sweater! Glad you had a good time.

  2. Nice! I've never been to a wedding with such scrumptious looking food! LMN is too adorable :)

  3. That was a really pretty wedding!! Thouroughly enjoyed the food pics...that lobster looks FANTASTIC!! Congrats on being recognized ;)

  4. The food looks amazing! And Little Mokey Niece - SO CUTE! I loved the pic of her watching her DVD player.

  5. Your story reminds me of the girl who "recognized me" on our honeymoon from my knot bio. I felt like such a star.

    And that is one of the most gorgeous chi pao I have ever seen.

  6. LMN is such a cutie! And I would have perked up hearing "Be Our Guest" too. Heh heh...

  7. I'm surprised you don't get recognized more often. =)

  8. You and Mr. Monkey look so good together. Pictures of him with LMN melt my heart. :)

  9. I had like 10 comments to say and by the end of the post I can't remember!

    I'll try:

    1. Mr. Monkey and Monkey niece take the CUTEST photos together. So cute!

    2. I almost died at ""My wife's too embarrassed to tell you this, but she reads your blog!"


    3. That WAS a very cinderella-esque wedding. WOW. Not a bad thing. Just WOW.

    4. That chicken with the shiny green thing confused me. What was that shiny green thing?

    5. Monkey nice looks like she's doing "awkward crow" in the bracelet picture.. HA!

    6. That red dress Opto put on was awesome. Very cool.

    7. I died AGAIN at "Be Our Guest"

    Damn- 3 more to go and I can't remember. Oh well I tried. Great recap!

  10. cute dress, dude! i'm sure you'll have a chance to wear the MK dress this summer.

    i'm giggling at you being recognized for your blog :) slightly jealousE, but i can't have that happen to me with the hub around anyway :X

    and, i'm agape at the photo lamp. that's what that was, right?

  11. i know where that iiiiiss! and yes, the lobster is the best.

  12. how fun all those outfits!!!

    you and the mister looked tres cutie!

    and well it goes without saying that I will eat LMN when I meet her. Gooble her up, pigtails and all.

    p.s. yay to being a z lister!!!

  13. whats up wedding photographer on the side?! great pics!

    and the MK dress looked so pretty!

    oh- and lastly.. can you bring LMN to boston for the weekend? thnx!

  14. 1. You're getting better and better with that camera everyday!
    2. I love, love, love Chinese banquet food. Too bad none of my Asian friends are getting married anytime soon.
    3. Mr. Monkey + LMN = adorable.

  15. Awwww...weddings AND RL fan meetings. Awesome day. :)

    *gasp* Is LMN wearing a white dress?! Isn't that clearly against the wedding rules? ;)

  16. such a beautiful wedding. i love the bride's red dress -- stunning!

  17. Just wanted to say, it was great meeting you again. I'm surprised you don't get recognized more often :).


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