Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pho Sure

And...the food returns!

Bax, Giggles, and I tried Golden Deli Vietnamese Restaurant last week.
golden deli 007
Giggles had heard and read good things about it, so we managed to convince the non-pho-loving Bax to indulge us. Lucky for Bax, Golden Deli has a large array of non-pho Vietnamese dishes, too, so our dear Bax did not go hungry.

Giggles enjoyed her fresh lemonade, which included a full lime slice.
golden deli 003
We shared an appetizer of goi cuon. A bit on the bland side, but still refreshing on a hot day.
golden deli 006
Despite the sweltering heat, I decided to order pho, and I was so glad I did! It was very very good, and I understand why Los Angeles Magazine crowned Golden Deli the "best pho in L.A." in 2007.
golden deli 004
The broth was delicious.
golden deli 005
It also helped that Golden Deli had adequate air conditioning, so Giggles and I could enjoy our pho without sweating up a storm. (Bax ordered chicken curry, which she said was tasty.)

Thumbs up for Golden Deli. Yummy and cheap!


  1. Yum! The weather doesn't ever stop me from eating pho :)

  2. there's this saying in korean about how you should eat hot and spicy foods on hot days to counteract the hot...i don't get it, but it actually somehow works. maybe because you sweat so much leading you to sit under the fan, which then evaporates said sweat? anyway, rambling.

    bax should try the vermicelli noodle dishes with pork [spring] roll and ground pork, if she's a pig-eater. if not, there are other non-pork versions of that dish. go to when i'm not in the mood for pho (VERY rare).

  3. I LOVE pho! I get the plain pho tai, so good. Best pho in LA for 2007? That is a totally strong statement. I don't know how you could have possibly had pho this hotass weekend, btw.

  4. yum!!! and yay for a food post after the drought!

  5. I LOVE golden deli! the broken rice is super yum, too! :)

  6. I have never had Pho. :(

    BUT, lemonade is my crack these days.

  7. i would kill for pho right now. weather be damned.

  8. that's it. i'm going to golden deli this week, 90 degree temps or not.

  9. this post is almost making me crave vietnamese food again.



  10. Happy you're back with food fun pho sho'! ;)

  11. i should give this place a try, because i'm with bax in the non-pho loving.

  12. Ewwww. What the pho were you thinking?



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