Saturday, May 10, 2008

Catching Up Over Steak

Mansmell and I had dinner at Pacific Dining Car on Thursday. Yummers.
pdc donnas quince 002
PDC is deliciously dark and old-school. It's the perfect restaurant for a man's man.
pdc donnas quince 004
We started with some lobster cakes. No filler here. The real deal. Fantastic with the accompanying saffron aioli.
pdc donnas quince 007
I had a very good Caesar salad.
pdc donnas quince 008
The Filet Oscar was my entree -- filet mignon with Dungeness crab, fresh asparagus and blanketed with Bearnaise sauce. It was like an amalgamated surf and turf. Great.
pdc donnas quince 011
Dessert was apple tart tatin -- warm apples atop a flaky buttery crust with apple ice cream. Love.
pdc donnas quince 014
My steak was substantial enough that I brought some of it home. Mr. Monkey snarfed it up the next day.
pdc donnas quince 015
PDC is my go-to place for traditional steak. It's the ideal place if you want food that is high quality and classic. Thanks for a great dinner, Mansmell!


  1. oh steak. yum. i've been craving cow for a few days now.

    so sad, but i only think of the big green and blue buildings (and soon to be red) in west hollywood when i hear "PDC."

  2. Mmmmm. I need to go here. I'm finding that all the classic, old-school joints are closing and being replaced by hip and trendy establishments. This makes me sad.

  3. I'm Googling that long A word right now. Me no like big words.

  4. I love that restaurant! So old-fashioned.

  5. Oh yum. Food can always bring you joy :)

  6. sorry you low but at least chomping on cow makes it better. right???

  7. Food can almost always produce a smile. But just in case it's not enough, I've got a hug for you.

  8. i've got to get the hub to this place - it looks like his kinda joint.


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