Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marc Jacobs + Dodgers = Fabulous

What's better than a Dodger game? A Dodger game with awesome people, namely the Diabolinas and Brother Monkey! (And, for those of you who love BroMo + Torry pics -- sorry, Torry is currently touring in Australia. Bummer for us!)

Before we dive into the foodfest, let me start off with Socially Maladjusted Home-Schooled Boy. This little dude is just a few years away from being in the next Spellbound, I swear.
dodger 007
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Crazy Rebecca Sealfon (the infamous 1997 Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion) did end up graduating from Princeton with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Not too shabby, right? Seriously, though, click if you don't know what I'm talking about. Or just click for old time's sake.

But I digress.

For much of the game, this kid was playing with his three-headed stuffed dog. It was Fluffy from the Harry Potter series, which BroMo, Diabolina, and I determined was a cheap rip-off of the Greek mythological figure Cerberus.

Ok, so maybe our knowledge of Greek mythology sort of makes us Spellbound material ourselves.

After all, we did take a bunch of pictures of each other and experimented with putting our heads in the foreground and in the background to give the illusion of big heads and small heads. Wackos are we. But it really is fun to mess with perspective.
dodger 015
dodger 028
dodger 030
dodger 026
dodger 027
dodger 025
On to the food! Diabolina, BroMo, and I all opted for the Fairfax sandwich (corned beef + pastrami on rye) from Canter's.
dodger 002
dodger 004
Mr. Monkey ate half of mine, of course, and we also all shared garlic fries.
dodger 006
Mr. Monkey also had a Louisiana Red Hot.
dodger 003
Then Mr. Monkey disappeared and came back with a chimichanga...
dodger 010 pie a la mode (which tasted much better than it looked)...
dodger 011
...and a vanilla caramel milkshake.
dodger 009
Oh yeah. There was some baseball, too.
dodger 018
But, really, Diabolina's gorgeous Marc Jacobs clutch stole the show.
dodger 031
The sign says it all.
dodger 033
And then, being the Spellbound material that we are, we took a bunch of pictures in front of the field before we left.
dodger 034
dodger 035
dodger 037
dodger 040
On our way home, Mr. Monkey said, "They are fun. We should see them more often." Aside from BroMo and Torry, Mr. Monkey doesn't really say this about many couples. Or people in general. This made me smile. Even bigger than usual.


  1. heart palpitations!!

    thanks so much for inviting us. I had the best time.

    Mr. Monkey is a prince among men. And I loved seeing Bro Mo's smile.
    And, duh, eating with you.


  2. Is that a 1/4-smile on BroMo's face in the picture of you and him? :)

  3. 1) brother monkey cracks my shit up.

    2) mr monkey is seriously a bottomless pit, although we already knew that. it just shocks me everytime I see it.

    3) love that you were able to squeeze in a spellbound reference.

  4. wish i was there :-(. you all had so much fun! those garlic fries looks delish.

  5. mr. monkey is truly a bottomless pit. too much cuteness all around.

  6. Harry Potter IS a collection of cheap rip-offs...yet, I love it so.

    I think I see a glimmer of a smile in that last BroMo pic. You better warn him about that.

  7. Too much goodness in one post.... monkeys, fashionistas, food, baseball (even if it is the Dodgers...) Looks like a wonderful night.

  8. Go Dodgers! Glad you had fun.

    You guys are silly with your head sizing photos :)

  9. dude, BroMo ALMOST cracked a smile in one of those shots!

    i must have one of those vanilla caramel shakes. [drooling]

    i don't even know what to say about you even recognizing what that damn dual-headed animal was from. i'd have had no idea whatsoever.

  10. What a fun night! Wish I heard that from Hubbs more often. ;) Shit, wish we could just take off to a Dodger game on a random Tuesday night some time.

    P.S. I want Mr. Monkey's metabolism. Thanks.

  11. I have yet to determine which made me drool more: the clutch or the milk shake. Tough call.

  12. Awwww, an airline clutch *drool* Well done, Diabolina! I love when you take Big Boy to Dodger games, the food always looks better.

  13. You and Mr. Monkey are a match made in heaven. There aren't many men that will bring back that much fabulous food for their companion.

  14. Love the clutch, food, and the monkeys. :)

  15. Doesn't the whole world know who Cerberus is? I thought it was pretty well-known info.

    Or maybe I'm Spellbound material too....

  16. food + friends + baseball = good times

  17. how have i never seen that spelling bee clip? creepy!


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