Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Secret Pizza, Secret Tag

For some reason, every time I go to lunch with Whipping Boy, we take the most circuitous route possible. Not on purpose, mind you, but this is what always happens.

Today we didn't even make it to our intended destination.

But we discovered a new place while driving around and around and around! And it was cheap! And surprisingly decent!

A true hidden gem, The Pizza Oven (9060 Telstar Avenue, Suite 201, El Monte ) is a place you'd miss if you blinked. It's just this little thing amidst office buildings.
pizza oven 005
The inside is nothing much either.
pizza oven 003
But there is Orange Bang!
pizza oven 004pizza oven 006
The food is simple and well-prepared. Whipping Boy, Veggie, Prim (who is always impeccably dressed and color-coordinates her closet), and I had a good time in the sunshine.
pizza oven 007
pizza oven 009
pizza oven 011
On my way home today, I finally snapped a quick photo of some graffiti that has amused me for several weeks now.
wm graffiti
wm graffiti closeup
It's blurry, but, hey, I was driving down the freeway with one hand.


  1. Yay for co-workers who actually want to try new things. I wish I can say the same about mine.

  2. yum! all that food looks so tasty. random, but don't you watch Top Chef?? can you believe lisa is in the final four??? UGH!!!bring back dale! if you DON'T watch Top Chef, ignore this comment.

  3. oh, orange bang, how i love thy foamy, orange ways.

    nice graffiti. i've snapped while in motion before, but i usually end up deleting as i don't catch what i intended.

  4. That looks delicious. Now you have me starving for Italian and it's not even 8:30 in the morning yet!


  5. I love Orange Bang! When I was entertaining an OOT nestie a couple weeks ago we brought her to the best Mexican in San Diego. They had beers, but I always get an Orange Bang when I'm there.

  6. Mmm...that pizza looks so good right now. Then again, what's new? You food post almost always look good to me. The tag is very amusing too. :)

  7. That place is right near my husband's office. They go there all the time. MIL loves it but sadly, I've never had it.

  8. orange bang makes everything okay.

  9. WeezerMonkey! I love it! How cool :)

  10. i cannot believe how you eat. i bow down to you.

    i love taking pictures while driving. i did it last week. means you're willing to die for your art :)

  11. the graffiti makes me wanna yell WESTSIDE! [with my fingers up all gangsta like ;)]

  12. Mmm...Orange Bang...

    And, I love the word "circuitous." Yes, I am a dork.

  13. Good call not taking credit for you street art-you never know who might rat you out. So can I start calling you "Chaka?"

  14. I envy the way you can find so many different places to eat. I've been trying to bring my lunch and tis no fun. Orange bang gives me gas, but it sure is tasty!


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