Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Donnas Celebrate at The Viper Room

As I mentioned earlier this week, this year marks The Donnas' fifteenth anniversary, and their show at The Viper Room last night was fantastic!
pdc donnas quince 053
pdc donnas quince 052
In honor of the quinceañera theme, piñatas hung from the ceiling.
pdc donnas quince 023
The girls rocked hard. This intimate show was especially good because the audience consisted of huge fans, close friends, and family.
pdc donnas quince 021
pdc donnas quince 017
pdc donnas quince 018
pdc donnas quince 022
After the show, we celebrated with cupcakes and champagne.
pdc donnas quince 037
pdc donnas quince 036
pdc donnas quince 038
Veuve straight from the bottle. Klassy.
pdc donnas quince 050
Mr. Monkey can't help but smile in pictures.
pdc donnas quince 034
This was his attempt at the typical Brother Monkey no-smile pose.
pdc donnas quince 035
The Donnas' anniversary cake was pretty incredible.
pdc donnas quince 031
It's plastic Torry!
pdc donnas quince 033
Quince girls!
pdc donnas quince 040
Demolished quince girl. She was scrumptious.
pdc donnas quince 041
Torry's mom is adorable, just like Torry! Actually, all of The Donnas' mamas are cuties! It was really cool to see them at the anniversary show.
pdc donnas quince 044
pdc donnas quince 029
The Donnas are great with their fans. Lots of autographs!
pdc donnas quince 042
After the show, an impromptu dance party broke out, and awesome demonstrations of the Running Man, Roger Rabbit, and Kid 'n' Play abounded, especially when MC Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit" blared on the club's speakers.
pdc donnas quince 047
pdc donnas quince 046
pdc donnas quince 045
pdc donnas quince 048
pdc donnas quince 051
The Monkeys are so honored to be included in The Donnas' extended family, and we're so proud of all of you girls!


  1. cupcakes AND veuve? why was i not invited? oh yeah, i'm not a fan, close friend, or family member.

    again i say torry is way too cute.

  2. Rock stars sure know how to celebrate! The quince girls are my favorite. On the verge of creepy, but tasty!

  3. How much fun was that!! Lucky!

  4. What a fun night! Champagne, cupcakes, and the running man? It really doesn't get any better than that!

    PS - but isn't the Viper Room kind of a let down as far as venues go? With all the history associated with it, I had expected much more.

  5. I'm on the floor over the quinceaneras theme!


  6. Yay! A Torry and Brother Monkey post! My favorite!

    That looks like an awesome time! Yay for The Donnas!

  7. Now that looked like fun. Did anyone have a mermosa with thae Veuve? Oh wait, that's only with Cook's. ;)

    Torry is way cute. And so is BroMo.

  8. Torry is way cute. I feel like I'm on the edge of my seat waiting some day for the "BroMo is smiling in pictures!" blog post.

  9. God that looked like a good time! I am a fan of the Donna's now, I've decided. You're great publicity for them wemo.

  10. Nights at the Viper room make me nostalgic for UCLA!

  11. Haha! Love "plastic" Torry! Looks like it was super fun :) :)

  12. I love watching people have fun. What a great night! Congrats to 15 years for them. So, so cool.

  13. i love that torry was the cake-topper. she really is adorable.

    congrats to the donnas! 15 years - that's awesome :)


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