Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shop Goes the Monkey

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale started today.
nordsale 011
I went after work and hung out with Wan, the Teen, and the Bean for awhile before I went on my personal mission to find an outfit for the wedding of Mr. Monkey's cousin this Saturday.
nordsale 001
Wan and I got scolded (ok, I got scolded) for taking pictures in a teenybopper store.
nordsale 002
nordsale 006
nordsale 004
nordsale 005
Whatever. It was worth it. See?
nordsale 008
nordsale 009
I snapped this while the Teen looked at High School Musical 2 posters.
nordsale 010
After I bid Wan and her girls adieu, I started my hunt for a dress. I got this little MICHAEL Michael Kors halter shift ($94.90 down from $159.50). It's hard to tell from my pictures, but it is a bright orange and hot pink print.
nordsale 016
nordsale 018
Then I got these cheapo Brass Plum shoes ($22.90!) that are extraordinarily comfortable -- not very cute at all, but utilitarian and perfect for dancing.
nordsale 012
That's all, folks.


  1. LOVE that dress! So cute! And thanks for reminder about the sale. I completely forgot. But I don't think I'll be participating-I have to buy tires and brakes. Boo.

  2. Great deals on the dress and shoes. Comfort and heels are a dream of mine. Love the glasses Wan and you are rockin' it makes me think of Kanye West ;)

  3. Nice Peter Gabriel reference. ;)

  4. yayayayay the dress is cutie.
    the glasses are better tho.
    and the bags are best :)

  5. VERY cute dress!
    love the sunglass pics.

  6. it was so much fun to see you!

    dude, nice job on the dress (SOOO adorable and "you") and shoes. you'll look quite fab!

  7. I love the expression of the bean.

  8. Fun!!!

    Thanks for taking a scolding. Those were hilarious.

  9. [dead] at the sunglass photos.

    that dress is SO you. perfect!

  10. the dress is fabu! can't wait to see pics of you eating and dancing in it!!! have fun at the wedding!

  11. 1) So The hubs comes home last night:
    "Did you know the Nordstroms Half Yearly sale started? My entire office left at lunch to go shopping." Glad to know my tax dollars are hard at work.

    2) Do you think that dress would be appropriate for a 3:30 wedding in Napa in July?

    3) You aren't planning on attending such a wedding are you?

    4) If you were, would you be wearing this dress?

  12. I love the pic of you and the Bean. :)

  13. I just wanted to make sure we didn't show up wearing the same thing. How embarrassing would THAT be?

  14. Doh. Thanks for the reminder. I love the print on the dress. Can't wait to see it in all its glorious colors.

  15. Super cute dress! Even cuter Bean!

  16. That dress is great. Does it cover your cooch?

  17. i heart that dress. and good sales!

  18. So cute! Love the dress! The pic of you and the bean is awesome!

  19. Too funny that you got scolded. Since when is it illegal? Hmph. Yay for the dress and fun pics! :)


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