Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wellness, Rare Beef, Time Travel, and Gas

I had quite the start to the day. I'll let the pictures do the talking.
exam room 2
exam room 1
No, I'm not pregnant, nor am I trying to be, but I am happy to report everything is ok so far. I get some more test results in a month.

(UPDATE: When I wrote this, I didn't realize it sounded so dire, so, to all of you who are fretting, do not be alarmed! I am fine. Really.)

I drove to work with cotton and medical tape on my arm. Of course, I forgot I had it on until I was about to go to lunch. Embarrassing.

We have three summer clerks who just finished their first year of law school. Ah, to be so young and full of hope! We went to Saigon Flavor (208 E. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel) for lunch.
saigon flavor 012
Saigon Flavor is apparently run by the same peeps who own Golden Deli, but, somehow, it just wasn't as good to me, even though the restaurants share the same website.

Thai iced tea.

saigon flavor 011
Cha gio.
saigon flavor 007
saigon flavor 010
Bun. These are sort of fuzzy because I took them as quickly as I could before my cohorts ate their meals. This is what you must endure when you eat with me. Well, at least at a place at which I've never eaten before.
saigon flavor 004
saigon flavor 006
Chicken curry.
saigon flavor 005
On our way back to the car, I saw this interesting place.
time travel
Really? Really?

Harley knocked on my door later to lend me a fun book.
interior desecrations
The stuff in here is awesomely bad.

Finally, I decided to call it a day after spinning my wheels for a couple more hours. And, when I walked out to my wheels, I remembered my little yellow you-have-no-gas light had come on this morning. I filled the tank.
crazy gas
I don't know what caused me more discomfort -- the beginning or my day or the end of my work day.


  1. beginning and end both sound ick. and they don't even involve pregnancy.

    hope everything's alright, health-wise.

  2. I hope everything is okay. I hate filling up my tank, it is so depressing.

  3. my first thought was, "only weemo would take a pic of a girly doctor checkup." then I read the text...hope all is ok:/

  4. wtf?! $73 for gas! how much is gas there in Cali?

  5. Hope everything is ok. I hate going to the doctor's.

  6. I'm with tater.

    Hope you're okay.

  7. How sad is it that our lives are so very parallel?

    Me and yellow light had a good visit yesterday too. And in the process of trying to find a gas station I happened on all sorts of similarly interesting stores...

    Now that my health is almost 100%, I can start sending some good health vibes in your direction!

  8. I had the same "appointment" yesterday....ugg - Hoping all is well!!!

  9. I'm glad you're OK, but that gas fill up made my stomach hurt. Ouch! I get a little more angry each time I fill up and my tank is smaller than yours.

  10. where are the stirrups?!? ;)

    LOVE thai iced tea.

    don't love the gas prices. boo.

    like the others, i'm sending you good, healthy vibes.

  11. Hope whatever is going on gets better...

  12. I hate gasoline these days. :/

    Hope the tests are ok...

  13. Hope it's not rectal! (After all, you did mention gas)

  14. I hope you are doing ok my dear! Best of wishes and thoughts to you in the health arena...

    And yes, gas is painful. Why can't they make it stop?


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