Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Back-to-Work Blues

I've got the back-to-work blues
Even in my Jimmy Choos
Doesn't matter that my job is great
Because there's simply no debate
That traveling is far more fun
Than filing stuff under the gun

Tomorrow is Friday.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Tomorrow is Friday.

I will be done with the week.
I will regain sanity.

The funny part about this? Tonight I stayed "late" -- 7 p.m. That was the earliest I ever left the firm. I used to rejoice at 7 p.m.


I'm a "normal" person now.


  1. AND she's a poet. Of course.

  2. love it. i had those this week, too. blah.

  3. I seriously have felt the same way all week about work. Vacations are way better.

  4. i love when you sing to me.

    you have no idea how much i am feeling you.

    can i send you my resy to blast out?

    lemme know.

  5. I have the work blues minus the vacation. I'm seriously lame.


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