Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clipper Time

Life keeps happening, so I keep blogging the now. Pictures of Iguazu Falls are forthcoming. Promise.

As we often do, we got free tickets to the Clipper game tonight. Our friends who can't make a game last-minute often call Mr. Monkey to see if we're available. It pays to live nearby! Score!

Mr. Monkey wore the hoodie he always wears to Clippers games.

Our seats were quite good.

Our friend Clipper Nut gave them to us. How big of a Clipper Nut is Clipper Nut? This darling golden retriever of his is named Clip!

We ran into another friend of Mr. Monkey who had a couple of empty seats next to him, so we joined him after halftime. We were four rows away from the court!

The game started off pretty damn awful. One crappy team (Clippers) versus another crappy team (Grizzlies). I basically concentrated on the following instead.

Finally, the Clippers got their act together and managed to be the less sucky of two sucky teams.

The best part of the night was still the nachos, though.


  1. OMG. The nachos and the puppy?! I am in love.

  2. i think the box we were in was right above your original seats. :)

    we actually watched mostly the laker game for the first half and then concentrated on our ice cream during the 2nd half. wheee!

  3. good seats.
    cutest puppy.
    better seats!
    yummy-looking nachos.

  4. I loooooove that puppy.

  5. I had similarly good seats to a Laker game once. Many star sightings. Do famous people not go to Clippers games?

  6. The nachos were good to look at. Sad that the game was not.

  7. The nachos and the puppy seemed to be the best part of the night...That little Clip is so cute!!!

  8. okay, clip is adorable. ah-door-a-ble.

  9. How come the best foods are found at sporting events and are horrible for you?

  10. If I was standing in the middle of a room and you put Clip on one side and those nachos on the other, I would not know what to do. I would probably stand there for an eternity, lost in an abyss of indecision. It would be too hard.

  11. Yummm. The nachos there is deeeeelicious.


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