Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 14: Falling in Love With Iguazú

I can't believe we were huddled in fleece amidst glaciers only a week ago. We are now in Iguazú Falls, and it is so hot and humid! And, yes, Mr. Monkey is carrying his pack and my pack. What a guy.

Our hotel room is nothing special. We're staying at the Sheraton located in Iguazú National Park. It is the only hotel in the park in Argentina.

I really like this next sign, particularly because it seeks to convince people via fines, rather than the safety of either the monkeys or hotel guests.

While our room is run-of-the-mill, the view from the room is pretty effing sweet. The mist! Wow!

We saw a caiman underneath the bridge on our way to the falls.

Caimans weren't the only reptiles around.

To be honest, I didn't see as much as I wanted to during our first look at the falls because I got sunblock in my eye. Oh, the miserable stinging! I was sweating so much! The bottle said "sweatproof." Apparently, it wasn't "Monkey sweatproof."

Later we hiked the upper trail.

After our long hot sweaty day, the park closed. As hotel guests, however, we still had access to certain areas.

It just so happens that today was Valentine's Day. We ended with a big buffet.

We did not eat the giant bread heart.


  1. Aww, a big heart of bread on Valentine's Day! You ARE romantical! *chuckle*

  2. The pictures of the falls are so beautiful, I love the 'steam' surrounding them. You are on THE trip of a lifetime.

  3. Those falls are incredible! I agree...your trip was a trip of a lifetime :) That heart shaped bread was awfully romantic.

  4. you always see the coolest animals! (I've read some of your other trips too!)

  5. This is a bad eye trip for you. I'm glad you and your eyes are back and safe.

  6. yup, you're right. we DO lead dramatically different lives (as if i didn't know this already).

  7. Yikes! First a rock, then sunscreen. Ouch.

  8. i loves the photo of you and mr. monkey with a rainbow. LOVES!
    also love his gams as he crosses that bridge. yum ;)

    p.s. i sweat alot too. let's never go anywhere super hot together. it'd be a problem. for realz.

  9. The pictures are (once again) beautiful. Can I be the first to thank you for a wonderful e-trip? I'm loving it! :)


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