Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 11: Gable Island

The Monkeys headed out bright and early for an all-day expedition to Gable Island, where we worked up a good sweat and learned about the nature of the island and more Yámana history.

On our way to Gable Island, we saw more penguins! So many! Again!

While we're very familiar with our dear friends the Magellanic penguins, this was the first time we saw Gentoo penguins. So cute with their bright orange beaks and feet!

Upon arriving on Gable Island, we met Luis, the cutest friendliest Corgi-Husky mix! Luis followed us everywhere, ran ahead, disappeared, found us again, and was just generally the coolest short-legged furry guide ever. No one knows Gable Island better than Luis!

We didn't see much wildlife on this hike, but that didn't stop us from having fun.

Lunch was fresh fish and potatoes grilled in foil. Simple but delicioso.

The hike was rather tiring for me, and, at the end, I got a little rock stuck in my eye, which was really awful. It just wouldn't come out, so our naturalist taped my eye shut to prevent the rock from rolling around and further scratching my eye. I couldn't stop crying, which I actually hoped would flush the stupid rock out. No such luck. I was very scared about my eye.

Finally, when we got back to our room at Los Cauquenes, Mr. Monkey took really good care of me. He managed to get the rock out of my eye with tons and tons of eye drops. I was so relieved. My hero!

We got cleaned up and had yet another great meal.

Amuse bouche of shrimp on toast.

Leek dip for fresh baked bread.

Hot fried pecan-crusted brie with olives and sweet peppers.

King crab risotto.

Chicken curry and rice.

Palate cleanser of berry sorbet.

Vanilla ice cream on a bed of fresh fruit.

I sure do love vacations. Too bad they make me fat.


  1. I am in love with those penguins! Oh, and Luis, too! :)

  2. luis and the penguins are just too cute.

    i was wincing and cringing at the rock in the eye, dude. i'm so glad mr. monkey was able to take care of it and make it all better!

  3. penguins - too cute.
    potatoes & fish in foil - yum, in a rustic, comforting way.
    your dinner - yum, in a more chichi but amazing-looking way. yum.

  4. That rock in eye thing sounds awfully painful :( But glad to hear that Mr. Monkey took care of it.

  5. Aside from the rock in ur eye you guys are having THE BEST vacation ever!! Its so neat that you are blogging and sharing with us!!

  6. Is it still an amuse bouche if you are in a spanish speaking country? Sorry about the rock, ouch! However, you could totally rock an eyepatch!

  7. Your vacation blog posts are like watching the Discovery Channel and the Food Network simultaneously. Awesome X 2.

  8. luis is adorable. corgi/husky mix is not one i would have thought of, but he is a real cutie.

    that rock in your eye sucks :( glad you were able to get it out without too much trouble.

  9. first, i heart luis! second, the food looks incredible! king crab risotto sounds soooo good...

  10. I want to eat ehrrry-thang in the food pictures.

  11. Mr. Monkey is very sweet. :)

    You have met the cutest creatures on this trip! I'm so jealousE.


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