Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 4: Peaceful Peulla

On Day Four, we took about a two-hour boat ride to Todos los Santos Lago and explored the surrounding area of Peulla.

Todos los Santos is also known as Lago Esmeralda for its gorgeous emerald green color. The lake is the result of glaciers centuries ago, and the green color stems from certain minerals in the water. (Not a great picture, but it illustrates this green phenomenon.)

The boat ride afforded beautiful views of Volcán Osorno and the Puntiagudo, another stratovolcano.

When we got to Peulla, we boarded an open-air bus, which took us to the local attractions of Peulla.

I use "attractions" loosely, as these included a farm, a calm stream, and an odd fenced area that deer visit. Random, but we loved it.

And then there was lunch. I had the most awesome seafood crepe at the Hotel Natura. It was stuffed with shrimp, scallops, calamari, and cheese galore. A crispety-crunchety-bubbly cheese crust blanketed the top of the crepe, and the accompanying sauce was rich, creamy, and loaded with garlic.

Mr. Monkey had a gigantic fish dish that was beautifully prepared as well. He liked his more. I liked mine more. Needless to say, there wasn't much sharing during this lunch.

After the boat took us back to the Puerto Montt area, we explored the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. There we admired the Petrohué Waterfalls.

We were intrigued by this tree with fuzzy pods. Still don't know what it is.

Exhausted yet again after a long day, we shared several delicious late-night sandwiches in our room.

They were most excellent. Lightly toasted fresh and warm baked bread. Smooth guacamole-type spread. Cheeeeeeese. We were really hungry.


  1. Holy crap - the water is beautiful and so are those meals!

  2. I am ridiculously jealous!! Next time pack me in your suitcase! :)

  3. Such great pictures!!! I'm loving your dad for giving you such a great camera! So happy you can share with us "real time".

  4. I am honestly having a hard time believing that you are experiencing this beauty right now. It's amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

    (Oh, and thanks for your comment.)

  5. those pictures are gorgeous.

    bambi is adorable.

    food looks delish.

  6. I'm only a little jealous. Just a tad. Really. Only a teeny, tiny, itty bitty bit. I'm ok now. The green has totally dissipated from my complexion.

  7. beautiful water.
    beautiful llamas.
    beautiful sandwiches.
    most beautiful crepe.

  8. I think you missed your calling as a photographer for National Geographic. ;)

    Your crepe sounds like what I want to be buried in when I die. Sounds soo good!

  9. That water is gorgeous! And I seriously only want to travel to places with waterfalls from now on.

  10. the water is really pretty.

    and i'm just melting at all the animal pics. so cute!

  11. Love this post. Love the pics, the animals, and even the food. (I'm not such a big foodie, so that really says something. :)

  12. WOW it is really beautiful there. The food is making me hungry. I should know better than to look at your blog when I am hungry.

  13. Wow, gorgeous!!! Those pics are incredible!

  14. How did you not take those adorable babies home with you? I'm in luuuurve.

  15. OMG all those pictures are AMAZING!!

  16. The pictures are gorgeous. Thank goodness you got that camera!

  17. Just beautiful and peaceful!


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